Poem: In the Eyes of Our Child (Alphabet Poem)

Animals are hilarious
Books are to be slept with
Cats are fun to chase
Dogs give sloppy kisses
Ears should be checked daily
Fun can be found with an empty coffee can
Grandparents are special
Hurt knees feel better with kisses
Ice cream cones should be served for breakfast
Jumping can be performed at all hours
Kicking and screaming never seems to work
Licking lemons is not a good idea
Momma is irreplaceable
No is the wrong answer
One more time really means two
Parks are enchanted
Quiet means tip-toe
Running a mile is a piece of cake
Sleep is overrated
Tickle time is the best part of the day
Unicorns do exist
VHS’s are good stepping stools
Water from the dog bowl is acceptable to drink
Xylophone is hard to pronounce
You are her hero
Zebras are black with white stripes

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