Procrastination Level 100


Honestly, there are a whole plethora of worse things that I could be doing that are far more detrimental to my well-being than reading books in order to procrastinate from writing right now. Seeing that I am one of those one-track mind kind of people, once I have my heart set on something, I sort of obsess over it until I complete it or get so close to completing it that I end up burning myself out and then end up not completing it at all, just take a look at my crafts section in my house.

In a sense, the latter is what I have come pretty darn close to doing with writing my first novel. Since starting writing it in March, I have been going at it almost non-stop, taking the occasional break from writing to sit down and read a book every now and then to preserve my own sanity. However, by the end of last week after feeling the strain of what my obsession has been doing not only to me, but to my family and to my home life as well, I have realized the necessity to implement a little bit more balance into my routine. Regrettably, as I have shifted gears I have also sort of thrown myself head first into another obsession. I should have seen this coming because I love books and reading so much. I consume great stories with so much fervor that I forget to eat, drink and probably would forget to breath if my body weren’t already hardwired to do that for me.

This whole being a writer thing is like a drug. I’m addicted to words, I’m addicted to story and plot and character and pacing. I’d say there is something wrong with me but I know that there are others out there like me, so I know, or at least I think I know, that I am not alone in this obsession with storytelling.

I also find comfort in the fact that reading within (and out of) my genre is good for me. I immerse myself in the very world that I hope to one day swim in and when I do so, I get inspired to write more, am reminded of the importance of good world building, get enthralled by an author’s clever form of expression and find myself wishing from the deepest part of my heart that I will one day captivate my readers with my words. That it will be my book they clutch to their chest saying, “Why? Dear God, why?! I am literally being torn to shreds here! This book is so damn good!”, because when I am ensnared by an author’s work in such a way, when the plot keeps twisting and the characters leap off the page so much that some of them I literally want to punch, I find that these are the very words that fall from my own mouth.

Source: Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed
Source: Farrah Penn / Via BuzzFeed

The harsh truth is, I simply love books. The other truth, this is precisely why I want to write them. But as I desperately need to bring more balance into my life, before I let the world pass me by in a blur of color, I plan to write and read less obsessively and instead divide my eggs into a few more baskets. Since I really want to share my writing in some form, seeing that I cannot share my novel, I will be posting my honest reviews of books that I pick up and I will post those reviews here on the blog. In turn, I hope you will run to your nearest library to get yourself a copy of any one of the books I review. Even if I don’t rate it highly, I still hope that you’ll give those books a chance, because there is magic in books, whether or not the content of the book has magic or not is besides the point, and I believe that you may take something out of it that I did not.

So be on the lookout for my first review on Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare,  because it’s coming your way! And here’s a teaser for what’s coming up after!

Forthcoming Book Reviews

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination Level 100

  1. You’re definitely not alone in your obsession with storytelling. I’ve struggled with balancing writing and reading (and everything else in my life) too. Sometimes I use a lot of time reading, barely writing anything, and sometimes I focus on writing and realize I haven’t read a book in weeks. Maybe one day I’ll manage to find some sort of balance. Looking forward to your book reviews! I haven’t read any of teaser books but some look interesting, so I might just give them a try later.

    1. I hope we both find balance! 😊 And thank you for taking the time to come to my blog and read anything that I have to say! That means a lot! My first review is posted in case you’re looking for your next read by the way. I hope to see you around!

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