What I’m Looking for When I Write A Book Review


There are four major elements that stand out to me that make a book enjoyable to read: Writing Style, Pacing, Characters, and Plot.

Source: Bloggablegirl / Via Instagram
Source: Bloggablegirl / Via Instagram

With that being said, I am simply a humble writer who loves books and am just blogging about the ones that I happen to read. I am not a critical reviewer by any means. I review books so my family and friends can get a full overview of what I did and did not like about a book and it’s up to them to take it from there and read the book if they like. Of course, if it’s a book I loved and am obsessing over then I absolutely want them to do so as well so we can drool over it together! I also like to do reviews because it helps add variety to my writing routine and keeps me feeling a semblance of sanity as I drag myself through the many many drafts and revisions of my own novel.

The reviews I do are my honest opinions of each book, it’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and, sometimes, I may reflect on how these elements interest me as a writer since I am curious as to how other authors manage to accomplish certain developments in their work. I will also do my best to highlight any content advisories that I think may not be suitable for some readers since I do read an array of books.

Genres that I Read so You Know What to Expect

Urban/High/Dark Fantasy
Dystopian/Utopian/Post-apocalyptic fiction
Science Fiction
Contemporary/Historical Romance
Contemporary Fiction
Young Adult
New Adult
Middle Grade fiction
Novellas/Short Stories

A Breakdown of My Rating System

5 Stars
It Was Amazing!

4 Stars
Really Liked It

3 Stars
Liked It

2 Stars
It Was OK

1 Star
Did Not Like It

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