What I Learned From Taking A Writing Break


Taking a Break From Writing is an Absolute Must in Order to Keep Yourself from Diving Off the Deep End

In the beginning of writing my book all I did was write. I didn’t read anything else and it quickly became an obsession that trickled into my home life, taking priority over other more important things, like my family. But after about four months of riding all the highs and lows that come along with writing this MS, I realized that I needed another outlet, something that would help me relax.

Reading does that for me but it also serves another purpose. While I read I can also analyze what works in another published author’s writing, and I can get inspired by how they describe the world around them. The other purpose it serves it that I now write reviews of the books I happen to be reading, which adds diversity to my writing life and frankly keeps me balanced. This is because, now I feel compelled to write the review after I finish a book, thus putting the manuscript on hold for a little bit.

This sort of pause in my writing is a good thing. This is especially true when a revision of a particular scene is kicking my ass. Taking a breather is helpful both to my own health and the continued existence of my manuscript because it is during these times I like to contemplate setting it aflame. However, after taking a break, when I do finally return to my MS, I come to it with renewed eyes and oftentimes can get through the revision easier than if I had tried slugging through it without taking the break that I needed.

Do yourself a favor: read. Read within your genre, read outside of your genre. And write! Write about your WIP if you like or simply write about your life. No one else is living your life or seeing the world through your lens so why not share it. You have a voice and while you may not think anyone cares what you have to say because I certainly feel that way all the time, that is far besides the point. Write for yourself. Write because you can’t help but write. That is what a writer does, that is what a writer is.

So read widely, write things other than your manuscript, and take a damn break when you need one!

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