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Welcome back to another Top 10 Tuesday, an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Head on over to their blog to see all the details so you can join this weekly tag!

This week’s topic is a FREEBIE. In recognition of the book blogging community, today’s post is My Favorite Book Blogs

Definitely, in no particular order because I love all these bloggers SO MUCH!!!

1. Read at Midnight

I love Aentee’s “things I loved” list that she provides with every review she does. I enjoy the fangirl perspective she takes on books she enjoys, it makes me want to read those books as well so I can join in on the discussion. Even on a book she is lukewarm about, she is very fair in her evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths of that book and I typically still want to read the book. To top things off, I adore the graphics that she creates for every post and wish I had a fraction of her killer graphic design skills! You should totally check out the gorgeous iPhone wallpapers she designs, Read at Midnight Designs: The Wrath and The Dawn.

2. Books at Dawn

Jesse’s posts are always fresh and he posts several times a week! Something I envy him for 100% Every post he does is new and exciting. I love it! He also is the king of Tag posts, his tags are so much fun and so thorough. Thanks to him, I want to read all the books he’s included in any of his tags. He also designs his own graphics for each of his posts, which are just lovely. You should go check him out because I wish I had a blog half as gorgeous and filled with fantastic content as he does. I always go to his blog for the latest and greatest on books and thanks to his Mid Year Book Freak Out | TAG, any books that hadn’t been on my TBR before certainly found a space on it after.

3. Princessica of Books

Jess is fun and her blog is no exception. She posts wonderful discussions where she offers up her transparent perspective on issues in the reading community. My favorite discussion from her lately was Let’s Talk About Sex [in YA], Baby. | Discussion I also love her Indie Author Spotlight and have discovered a couple new authors that I can’t wait to read.

4. Buzzfeed Books

The bookish peeps at Buzzfeed are always coming up with hilarious new articles that keep my inner fangirl happy. I love their infographics about reading and writing: my top two favorites being 11 Charts that Accurately Sum Up Being a Book Nerd and 11 Charts that Perfectly Sum Up Being a Writer. Their Harry Potter quizzes tickle me. Really any of their character quizzes, to be honest. And they have some of the best book list recommendations as well, check out 53 Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down. It’s pretty thorough! I also blame Buzzfeed Books for my endless TBR.

5. Popsugar Books

One of my favorite articles of all time comes from the curators at Popsugar: 50 Signs You’re Addicted to Reading. I display all fifty signs. I’m a chronic book nerd apparently. And no, this does not surprise me in the least bit.

6. Bustle Books

I love Bustle’s curated book lists. I found some gems in their book list 15 Books as Enchanting as Harry Potter. Aside from a few exceptions, their recommendations have been fairly accurate. I’m looking at you Night Circus.

7. The Book Hookup

Full of reviews, amazing discussions and awesome giveaways. This book blogging team has it all. Plus, this is where I went to get my fangirl fix after reading The Wrath and the Dawn.

8. Snuggly Oranges

I love Debby’s fresh, no apologies perspective. She talks about elements of books that I don’t pay attention to but really should. The writer in me particularly loves her reviews because I keep in mind the things that she finds weak about a book and in general I try to steer clear of making those kinds of mistakes as I work on my own book. A great example of her fresh perspective is in her Review of An Ember in the Ashes. A book that I LOVE. I absolutely adore what Sabah Tahir did in the first book and cannot wait for the sequel A Torch Against the Night, but at the same time, I thought Debbie brought up some interesting points in her review.

9. Thoughts and Afterthoughts

Joey’s fresh and snarky personality is one of a kind. His Top Ten Tuesday posts are the most original and quirky that I’ve ever seen. So much so that I actually do envy his creativity. I love him more than I envy him, of course.

10. Read, Think, Ponder

CW is one of the smartest bloggers out there. She approaches her reviews from an analytical perspective. She expects a lot out of the books she reads, so when she says she likes something, I respect her opinion and insta-add that book to my Goodreads. I’ve learned a lot from her as a writer. Reading her reviews and the things that don’t work has helped me to see what irks readers. Obviously, I don’t write to please, but it does help to understand the psychology of readers.

So that’s it, My Favorite Book Blogs. Where do you go for all your book recommendations, to fangirl and to talk books? Share those links with me in the comments! I’d love to check them out!

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14 thoughts on “Ten Killer Book Blogs

  1. EEEP! Thank you so much for including me and saying such kind things about my blog, Nicolette! This totally made my day, you are too wonderful *hugs* I also love Jesse and Jessica (double Jess!) so glad to see they are here too 😀

  2. Oh shucks! You’re making me blush!!
    Thank you for all your kind words. It makes me extremly happy to know people are enjoying the content I put out and the books I’m reading. You are the greatest! Thank you 😀

    I’m glad I wasn’t #1 because Aentee deserves that spot for sure!

    1. Lol, I would put everyone at the number one spot because the ones I listed are legitimately my favs. That is why I didn’t have a full list this time, I don’t actually have 10, so I stopped at the point that was true so I wouldn’t be disingenuous. I enjoy your posts so much and your TTT for today was no exception! I’m still not so secretly rooting for the Darkling…. 🙂

  3. Oh, wow! Thank you for including us in a list of so many other amazing bloggers! We’re thrilled and a little shocked, if we’re being honest, to get the mention. Also, any time you feel the need for a random The Wrath and the Dawn flail, I have no problem being that person for you. That book still gets me in the feels on the daily.

    Thanks again! ♥

    ~ Christina (and the other Litbrarians)

    1. I will definitely have to take you up on that offer at some point. I am considering doing a second read through at some point in the very near future and I would love to have a sort of read along where everyone involved gets to just fangirl as much as they want about the book/characters/prose/everything, lol! Thank you for all the amazing content you and the other Librarians post at the Book Hookup! I loved the post about the villians the other day and am still rooting for Warner. I haven’t finished the series yet, but right now he’s my fav bad boy. Lol. (Okay, the Darkling too, another series I haven’t finished yet.)

      1. That sounds like an excellent idea, especially closer to The Rose and the Dagger’s pub date so it’ll be fresh in my mind. (I’m bad about picking it up and just reading through all my favorite sections, but I haven’t read it cover to cover in a couple of months.) That villain post was so much fun. I have a terrible (-y wonderful) week spot for the bad guys. It’s a love that I can’t control. I usually fall for the bad guy in all the series/love triangles and usually have my heart broken. The Darkling, Warner, Kyon (from the Kricket series by Amy Bartol), Rhys are just a few of my very favorite boys that I love to love. (And girl, you better finish that series. I think you’d def like the outcome. Ignite Me was rather… ahem, spicy!)

        Thanks again for including us!

      2. That is a brilliant idea! Thank you! I will make a note of organizing a read along closer to the pub date, bc that’s way smarter than doing it at just some random time, lol. And now you’ve got me soooo excited to finished the Shatter Me series. I already have it on my October TBR, but I’m strongly considering saying ‘screw it’ and moving it up to this month, even though I have like 8 books I still need to get through, lol!

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