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Young adult steampunk set in an alternate World War I world that has German Central Powers (Clankers) using mechanized war machines opposed by British Entente Powers (Darwinists) who fabricate living creatures genetically. The series follows two unlikely teens, Aleksander, son of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and Deryn, a Scottish girl who dreams of joining the British Air Service with her brother, as they are set on a course to change an entire war.


Not much of a history buff, I wasn’t bothered or cared that this was a re-imagined World War I world and actually really appreciated the afterword by Scott Westerfeld himself explaining the changes/alterations to history that he had made in order for it to go in line with the story. I ended up learning more about the war through looking it up to see what really happened thanks to a heightened interest in it because of the series itself.

Told in alternating Points-of-View, the series is pushed forward at a breakneck pace. It was refreshing getting to see how each character viewed the world, each other and how they approached different problems that arose. To be honest, I liked the way Deryn handled things best. I mean, let’s be fair if you have read even the first chapter of Leviathan it becomes very obvious that she is a total badass, which is essentially a prerequisite for me in order to LOVE a character.

Filled with a colorful cast of characters, the Leviathan series is a study in world building and character development. Alek and Deryn were two wonderfully dynamic characters, who had completely separate voices from each other, which can be difficult to achieve in a dual POV. But Westerfeld is a master at the multiple POV, so balancing the spunky Deryn with the aristocratic Alek was seemingly effortless for him.

Truth be told, it was hard for me not to prefer Deryn over Alek, probably had a lot to do with the fact that Alek is a barking prince and acts as such for the first little bit, prissy thing that he could be at times, but, the series gives room for Alek to grow and I swear, once he grows a pair, he really did become one of my book crushes for a little while there.

All in all, I loved the series as a whole. Goliath was a more than satisfying end to a beautiful trilogy and Westerfeld has become one of those authors that I would totally have on auto-buy if that were a thing I wasn’t completely and utterly afraid of in terms of the health of my bank account!

Speaking of which, Zeroes officially becomes available today! Go ahead, get out of here and order it already!

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