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Hello all my bookish and writerly friends!

Today I am participating in a weekly feature created by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner.  It is called Spotlight Saturday.

Spotlight Saturday is a weekly feature, created by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner, dedicated to spotlighting and pinpointing some of the things over the week that have caught my attention more than usual, things I’ve particularly loved, etc. 

This feature is open to anyone who wants to join. So I hope to see your spotlights next weekend as well!


I had a chance to interact a lot with Jenna @ Reading with Jenna this week and she is just one of the loveliest people I have ever had the joy to chat with! Her insights are always so valuable to me, I adore her reviews and she reads a ton so her blog is crazy active! I 100% blame Jenna for adding so many amazing books to my TBR, I will never ever get to them all but, oh my goodness, I really want to just so I can talk to her about them! You should definitely go check her out and follow her blog because she is a bundle of awesome!


Bree’s post Writer’s Doubt: The Fine Line Between Useful & Awful, really hit close to home for me. I am constantly doubting myself as I work on my manuscript. Sometimes the rewrites and revisions feel like they are suffocating me. But the real worst part, the part that really gets me about writing and my issues with doubting myself is the thought that all the work I’m doing is for nothing. That it will never amount to anything, or that I am making my manuscript worse because the writing is suddenly awful or that somehow I’ve ruined my characters. But Bree brought up a valid point. These types of doubts are just not useful and because they are harmful, us writers should do our best to write through those doubts and keep on persevering. Instead of harmful doubt, we should focus on the types of healthy doubt that help us grow and improve as writers, not the doubt that cripples us!


Zeroes - Every Power Has A PriceOf course, because I’m a huge Scott Westerfeld fan, (I loved the Leviathan series, fyi), my spotlighted book for the week is Zeroes! It released this Tuesday and I didn’t get a chance to start it until yesterday. I haven’t read much, but ah man those first few chapters are seriously faced paced! I’m so hooked it’s not even funny. Lol. I’m in awe of how Westerfeld writes, how he creates character and highlights voice so easily in his narration. I am obviously still reading it, though I’m sure I’ll be done before the weekend is officially over.


About two weeks ago I had a major meltdown with my my manuscript. I was stuck in chapter 7 of revisions, kept going back to the beginning to do rewrites any time the smallest change popped up and long story short I was going nuts. With support from one of my lovely critique partners and my husband, I made the decision to push through the manuscript to the end, make notes along the way of changes, but the main goal was to ultimately just finish rewrites. So with that in mind, last week I powered through chapters 7-27!

However, this week was slower going, actions scenes are so hard for me and because I am getting closer to the end of the book stuff is getting sort of heavy. Because of both of those things I took my time a little bit more and rewrote chapters 28 through the beginning of chapter 32. So what does that mean in the grand scheme of things? It means that if I don’t add any micro chapters and if I follow the current outline that I have, then I only have 7 more chapters to rewrite until completion of this version of the manuscript! So that could potentially mean only one more week of rewrites if I stay super focused!

The other spotlight for this week is that a group of people from the UCLA graduate program came to Albany State this week. I offered my writing lab as a place for them to rest and check their emails, etc. as they were in-between meetings and it was super fun getting to chat with them because I am a USC alumna and the UCLA-USC rivalry is legendary. It was such good fun bantering back and forth. At one point the guy says to me, “So you’re not going to poison our water, are you?” Naturally, the only response that is appropriate for this situation was, “I promise, I will resist the temptation!” It was awesome getting to talk to LA people. We talked about the awesome LA weather and got to catch up on LA stuff that I’ve missed in the past two years. It was just amazing. #USC #Trojansforlife #WeRunLA

USC garden on campus


I am very boring when it comes to apps on my phone. I use all the standard issue stuff like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, WordPress, etc. But if I were to spotlight anything then I guess it would be my Pinterest app becuase of how much it helps me write my book. You see, I keep two private boards on Pinterest. One for world building and the other for characters. See:

Pinterest Spotlight


the black paradeThe Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Yep, I’m taking it back about nine years. Holler in the comments if this was your jam back in high school! So many songs from this album were totally my anthems.

I played this song a lot this week during rewrites because something about this song reminds me a lot of my main character, Tristan, in the book that I am writing. He a very serious prince with a bunch of crap to deal with and his dad is actually dead so there is something about this song opening with a father talking to his son that really gets me, that and the whole, “Will you be the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned.” Such a fitting question for Tristan.


Writer not Waiter

I have this posted where I can see it everyday at work. This quote means so much to me because it helps me see that the longer I succumb to this fear that my writing just isn’t good enough, the longer I will not know if I am right or wrong, and the longer this dream of mine will go un-reached for. And there is just something so sad about that, about having a dream, a goal, an aspiration, yet not ever reaching for it, not ever trying. I don’t want to do that to myself. So, I need this reminder that there is no perfect time to write, that I have to write through the self-doubt, through the tears of self-criticism and reach for this dream until I am on the tips of my toes, because no one else can to do it for me, because I want this for me, because the deepest, darkest desire of my heart is that one day someone a little bookish and a little writerly will read my book and read my story and say to themselves, “Hey, if she did it, if she fought for her dream, then so should I.”

What are your spotlights this week? Post them in the comments!

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19 thoughts on “Spotlight! Life, Writing and Music

  1. Oooh thank you so much for featuring my blog! You’re a bundle of awesome too! I love chatting with you too and having conversations that last more than two comments haha.

    It’s so great to hear that you love my posts, even though your TBR keeps getting bigger 😀 I’ve been trying to shrink the number of posts I do each week because I’m scared that people will get sick of me posting. But I love reading and I want to review every book I read *sighs* I’m trying out a reading and blogging schedule this month but it’s already not working out for me because I’m such a mood reader!

    1. Honestly keep doing what your doing! I personally love how many posts you do and I enjoy being exposed to more books outside the ya sci-fi/fantasy genre. How much you read makes your Too Ten Tuesday some of the best TTTs out there! So keep on doing you! Because the you that you put out there is so amazing! 😍

      1. Thanks ❤ I love doing reviews the most so I'm going to try to keep those up. Plus they really motivate me to keep reading. I think TTTs are my most viewed posts and I love putting them together as well. I want to make it to the end of the year without skipping a single one 😀

  2. AWWW! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad my post was helpful & I can’t wait to hear more about the world you’re creating! Your pins are really intriguing, and paired with “The Black Parade”? *Grabby Hands* More please! 😀

    1. Ahhh!!!! My heart just swelled to a million times its normal size! Thank you so much for your excitement in my work! I need to work on revising my query/synopsis, which I am just plain awful at, so I can post it on the blog. That way when I talk about anything from the ms, (especially when I talk about the characters as if they are real bc to me they totally are, lol) at least everyone will have a vague inclination as to what I am talking about.

      1. Ooooo, yeah. I need to tidy up mine as well (synopsis/query), but I don’t know that I have the nerve to post mine online. lol I wouldn’t mind doing a trade though! Warning: I fangirl.

      2. Omg! Yes!!! So many levels of yes to both. To the trade and to the fangirling! When I’m in doubt, I need a healthy dose of fangirl, lol! I’ll let you know when I’m ready to revise both query and synopsis and we can trade it up! Omg, this is so exciting! This is exactly why I started the confessions tag, to interact more in the writing community and draw everyone closer together! Eeeeeepppp! I love it! ❤️ *I think my heart burst* 😂

  3. I’m so glad more and more people are doing this meme! I love doing it every Saturday 😀
    I specifically like your spotlight blog post. Really does put things into perspective.

    1. Lol, I’ve been wanting to join in but I was so disorganized I couldn’t plan well enough in advance to actually get it done. Thanks to my absurd “planner/list” thing that I was working on the other day I have majority of my posts lined up and tentative scheduling for when I can write it.

      I’m glad that you liked this post, it’s so writing heavy but it is a true snippet of my life, lol, and the dreams/goals I have.

      1. Right!?! I seriously need to plan out this stuff bc if not I go into freak-out mode and instead of being able to figure it out super fast, I flounder for a bit before getting back on track; hence why I carry around my two notebooks, lol. X-)

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