Ten Authors That Were New to the Slowest Penguin in the Reading Game (Yes, I’m Talking About Myself)


I’ve always loved to read, but this year after setting my heart on writing my first manuscript I found myself turning to reading even more during my oh-too-frequent writing slumps. As I searched for new books, I realized that I had been missing out on a TON of great books. (*Deadpans* No surprises, there.)

I’m always late to the game. (No, seriously, I’m late to like everything, it’s actually a problem. I blame my husband. Hehe.) Being late to the ballpark meant that all the authors I was picking up already had raging fandoms at their backs. But because I enjoyed living under my comfortable little rock, I had no idea who any of them were. (*Gasp* Heresy!) So in a vain attempt to amend my foolish ways, I have been eagerly trying to play catch-up over the past few months. (This little penguin hates getting left behind and is determined to get ahead of the pack. ^.^)

This Week’s Prompt: Top Ten New-To-Me Favorite Authors I Read For the First Time in 2015








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My first Gaiman book was “American Gods”. LONG story short, I wasn’t a huge fan. But then I picked up “The Sleeper and the Spindle”, and despite thinking that I didn’t like it that much, after writing up the review and all the things the book made me think about, I realized that I actually really did like Gaiman. So is he my favorite favorite? I’m still deciding. But I do like him, so he makes the list today.

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I haven’t finished the Legend series yet, and though I wasn’t super impressed with Prodigy, (I think I was in a really weird place at the time, reading-wise) Lu is still a fav. “Legend” totally sinked it’s claws into me. The plot had me guessing and the ending of Prodigy left me feeling like the book redeemed itself. I mean, things can’t end the way I’m thinking they’ll end. Can they?

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“Mister Sharp…” If you don’t get the reference then that means you must read. ^.^ *cue maniacle laughter* I LOVED the Leviathan series with a fiery passsion. Okay, maybe not fiery. But I did really enjoy it. I adore Deryn Sharp and wish the series could have just gone on forever. Three books just wasn’t enough. Despite not liking “Zeroes” as much as I thought I would, Westerfeld is still my fav and I still want to read his other books. Also..ANON!!

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Ah, man. “The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahila Moss” was ‘my-ribs-are-going-to-break-I’m-dying-of-laughter’ funny. Dahlia is the best friend I don’t have but totally want. The book’s description wasn’t much to go off of, other than that the synopsis said it was for fans of the show “New Girl”. But truth be told, that was enough for me to get on board. Wirestone made me laugh until I cried; he’s characters are witty and bigger-than-life. He was technically a debut this year, so I’m cheating by putting him here, (because he would have been new to everyone). Then again, when don’t I cheat on these things? >.<


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So many feels, not enough places to put them. “The Raven Boys” was one of those books that I had no clue what I was getting into. But after the first chapter I was hooked and by the second I was entranced. Stiefvater’s writing is actually magical. She transcends the boundaries of a books and transports you to another place entirely. Her characters are SO unique and easily distinguishable from each other, I loved each of them.

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“If I Stay” was my first step into YA Contemporary and my heart just stopped beating. I died a million tiny deaths of joy and sadness throughout this book. Forman’s writing is wonderful. So simple, so honest and transparent. I put myself back in her care for “Where She Went”, the sequel to “If I Stay”, and she did not disappoint me in the slightest. I now want to read every book written by her in the history of ever.

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Juliette is my spirit animal. Mafi is my idol. Can I just stop there? Yeah? Okay. Because I might melt into a puddle just trying to compose my thoughts into coherent enough sentences to express my unyielding love for everything about both “Shatter Me” and “Unravel Me”.

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I read Bardugo’s “Shadow and Bone” and at first I really liked it. But after some time has passed, I realized that the main thing I liked about it was the villain and the other things that had grated on me I had ignored because I just wanted to see more of the Darkling. (Yeah, I get wierd like that.) This did not deter me from picking up “Six of Crows”, however, and OMG, my life is forever changed. I love multiple POVs when done right and Bardugo absolutely nailed it. She made me feel like an incompetent little cactus when it comes to my dual POV manuscript, but that’s besides the point, we’re talking books right now and she totally slayed it.

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I got the biggest book hangover from “Red Rising”. I can’t even begin to describe to you how painful this was. It lasted for several days. No, at least two weeks. You know what, that’s not even important, what is important is that I have it under good authority (Lucia @ Reading is My Breathing) to NOT read “Golden Son” until “Morning Star” is also out so I can binge them together. I trust Lucia and I will be resisting the urge to get GS. It’s hard though. (Seriously, I keep thinking about all the bloodydamn things that could be happening in GS. Dammit I want to know!!)

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SO MANY LEVELS OF YASS!!! As I read Maas’ prequel novellas to the Throne of Glass series, I keep thinking to myself, “Nix (the main character in my manuscript DREAMWEAVER) and Celaena would get along really well together.” To which this thought is quickly followed by “Oh god, it’s a good thing they both don’t actually exist because I can’t even….all the trouble they’d get into…” Suffice to say, I am in LOVE. I also ship Caelena with EVERYONE. Yep, even the girls. At the end of each novella, I’m thinking, how can it get better and then it totally does. I shouldn’t be surprised, my best friend told me to read Maas, and she is never ever wrong. So, hands down, Mass takes the cake on this list as my number 1 new favorite author of the year.

Let's Talk

Who is your #1 “new-to-you” favorite author of the year? Do we share any of the same ones?!? ^.^

17 thoughts on “Ten Authors That Were New to the Slowest Penguin in the Reading Game (Yes, I’m Talking About Myself)

  1. I fell in love with books by Rae Carson and Heather Demetrios. I didnt know them before and they rocked my YA world this year 🙂
    And I have wanted to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman for ages. I have it booked at library but I am 6th on library waiting list for this book so hopefully it will be available soon!
    And February 9th is getting closer! (yeah, I am counting days until release of Morning Star LOL) So you can probably start Golden Son in second part of January. You will need couple of days to collect yourself after end of Golden Son anyway. And than you will be fresh an dready for Morning Star 😉

    1. Lol! Great tips Lucia! You’re looking out for me!

      Yeah, you could read my review of American Gods, I don’t think I spoiled anything. I did complain about some stuff though. It was one of my very first reviews, so I was still trying to get into my own rhythm of writing reviews, so it’s not my tone of review writing now, but it does highlight (to the best of my memory) the pros and cons to the book for me. All in all, it was okay. It wasn’t what I had thought it would be. Though, I really do hope you take more out of it that I did and find it enjoyable! ^.^

  2. SCOTT WESTERFELD! *fangirls* :p
    His books are so good! (And I’m slow on that ball, too.) Actually, I’m slower than you because most of these authors are STILL on my TBR. >.>

    However, I’m working on getting Gayle Forman off! I’m reading ‘If I Stay’ right now and I really love the book! The style is so unique and I really feel I can connect with Mia (musicians :p).

    1. Omg, yes!!! I love the writing style of If I Stay. It’s so transparent and open. Ugh, my heart is just so full of love for that book! I adore adore adore Mia too! I experienced music in a new way because of that book. I actually looked up some cello music and cried as I listened to it because I imagined Mia playing. Lol. I’m such a softy!

  3. Aw, it’s a shame you didn’t like American Gods much. I understand though. It was super weird, but I personally enjoyed it quite a lot. But I also spent much of the time picturing the main character as Jason Momoa so that might have played a role in my appreciation… xD
    And Leigh Bardugo. T_T She is everything!

    1. I really despised the ending to be honest. I thought it was too convenient and transparent. I called it midway through. But Gaiman writes amazingly! So there is always that, lol. And I actually loved Shadow and I agree, picturing him as Jason Momoa would have been awesome! I WISH I had thought of that ^.^

      1. I don’t remember the ending at all. xD I was a very uncritical reader at the time I read it, so maybe I’ll like it less if I was to re-read it. xD

      2. Sometimes I think I just get in these weird places when I read. Like if I’m not in the right mood, “all books beware”. Lol. Usually I’m pretty chill, but IDK, sometimes it takes one thing in a book and it can be something small and dumb and all of a sudden I’m like one of those soccer players getting elbowed who fall to the ground dramatically claiming they have a broken foot. It’s very dramatic and highly unnecessary, and I shouldn’t read critically when I’m in that place, hahaha! I know this now and stay away from critiquing anything when I’m not in the right mindset, this applies to my job and to when I’m CPing.

  4. CAN WE BUDDY READ GOLDEN SUN NICOLETTE? ♥ ♥ I haven’t read it either because my friend told me the EXACT same thing!
    In retrospect, your list is pretty similar to mine (except for a few authors). I think 2016 is going to be a super exciting reading year, with so many sequels and what not due to be released!!

    1. AHH!!! HELL YEAH I’ll buddy read with you! Though you’re gonna have to explain exactly how to buddy read, like we read up to the same chapters and then wait for the other person? I would love to do it with you though!
      I’m super excited for 2016, all the sequels, all the debuts, it’s just going to be a great year! ^.^

      1. HAHA ERMMM I was hoping you could explain to me because I’ve never buddy read before!! I guess we just start together?? or something? X’D

        I know right! Aaaaaah going to be drowning in happy tears. :’)

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