Bath and Body Works Tag

Bath and Body Works Book Tag


It’s always fun to do tags that bridge the gap between the fantasy world I spend so much time in and the real world that, maybe I don’t spend enough time in.

Thanks goes to Jesse @ Books at Dawn for the tag! He knows how much I love lists and he feeds my compulsion by tagging me in anything and everything list-y. ^.^

Pure Paradise – A book that was pure perfection

Bath1Red Rising

“Red Rising” had everything. The level of complexity was so intense at first but I loved how fully immersive Darrow’s narrative is. There isn’t a single character I hated, yes, even the bloodydamn villains were well done and I loved their evil asses.



Sweet Pea – A romance/contemporary you really enjoyed


“Where She Went” surprised me with it’s ending. I don’t want to spoil anything, but being in Adam’s perspective for the sequel to “If I Stay” was really incredible. I loved how sharp and brutally honest he was.I appreciated the themes Forman addressed in the sequel, and that’s all I’m going to say. (My lips are sealed.)


Fresh Strawberries – A book you really enjoyed that came out this year



“Six of Crows” hands down was my #1 favorite release of the year. I fangirled so hard in my review, so I wont do it again. (*voice in my head* “Blasphemy! You can not fangirl too much over SoC!”) Me: Yes, yes, I know. But let’s give the readers a break, yeah?


Warm Vanilla – A character and/or book that made you feel all warm inside


I loved “The Raven Boys”. I also just adored Adam. He doesn’t come from a well-off family like the other boys and he works his ass off as like three different jobs to afford his tuition. He’s humble and thoughtful. His relationship with the other boys is endearing and I love how he treats Blue.

Paris Amour – A couple you majorly ship together


Sam and Celaena! But to be fair, I ship Celaena with everyone in this set of novellas. First with Captain Rolfe, then Aroybynn, then Sam, then the Healer, then Ilias, then Aeryn, then back to Sam. But underneath all of those ships, I was still voting for Sam.

 Dancing Waters – A book that takes place on the beach/ the perfect beach read



There is a beach scene in “An Ember in the Ashes”, but I don’t read any books that I’d consider a beach read. What is that? I don’t even know. Can someone please explain this to me?!


I Heart Cake (and Books) – your favorite book


Unravel Me #2

Like every book worm, I have a lot of favorite books. But I really do love the style of “Shatter Me” and “Unravel Me”. The crossed out text and the stream of consciouness is probably my favorite style of writing. So I really enjoyed reading the first 2 books in the series. (I haven’t read “Ignite Me” so no spoilers!! ^.^).

 Winter Candy Apple – A book set during Christmas or winter



I feel like no one I know has read “Lord of Snow and Shadows”. I read it a looong time ago. But I remember Gavril being both dark and swoon-worthy through-out the series. Please, someone read this! 😀


Beautiful Day – A book with an unusual / interesting / appealing setting


They’re stuck in a deadly maze. You can’t get more unusual than that. Okay, you can, but you get where I’m going with this. The book had a lot of intrigue and WAY more character development that the movies let on.


Dazzling Diamonds – A beautiful cover

Bath10The Night Circus CoverI love black and white pictures. Throw a hint of silver & red and I’m done. The Cover for “The Nights Circus”features a flat design, another weakness of mine, and it has these beautiful swirly elements that enchant me.


I Choose You, Pikachu!

It always amazes me when someone follows me. It makes me feel great and lets me know that someone out there likes what I’m doing here at A Little Bookish, A Little Writerly. Today, in an attempt to thank the amazing and absurdly talented bloggers who have followed me recently, I’d like to tag them to do this light and fun book tag!

Alicia @ The Cyborg Knight
Imogene @ Muggle Boooks
Kimberly @ From Narnia to Neverland
Ryna @ Echoing Books
Syc @ The Lit Mermaid

And now to my regular tag buddies ( I know I’m probably overwhelming you all. Sorry, you know I have an obsession with tags though. #sorrynotsorry)

Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks
Beverly @ In The Shadow of The Words – A Writer’s Journey
Bree @ Live. Learn. Write.  
CW @ Read, Think, Ponder  
Charley @ Books and Bakes
Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions
Evie @ Just Another Belle
Jenna @ Reading with Jenna  
Jesse @ Books at Dawn  
Lynanne @ Daybreak In Autumn  
Lucia @ Reading Is My Breathing 
Melanie @ Melanie Noell Bernard
Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm

*As always, please don’t feel obligated or pressured to do the tag.*

Thanks for being awesome! See you next time ^.^


37 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Tag

  1. I love your list! Such a great compilation!
    I need to express how glad I am that someone else has read Sarah Ash. I’ve read the entire trilogy as well as the two additional books she wrote as a spinoff that starts before the events of Lord of Snow and Shadows (I wouldn’t call it a prequel thought). I read the trilogy a good while ago now, but seeing it here, I suddenly have the urge to go reread them… 🙂

    1. YAY!!! Oh you have no idea how happy that makes me that someone else has read Sarah Ash!!!! I love love love Gavril!!! ^.^ I haven’t read the spin off books though O.O I’m super interested now though! (As if I need a longer TBR than I already have, amiright?!? >.<)

      Thanks for your comment Faith! I'm so glad that you liked the list! I love lists, so I make them often and I have a (sort of) obsession with all the tags I get pulled into so I'm always trying to whip them up, lol!

  2. Here you go with the copy and paste again 😛
    Thanking me then tagging me! HAHAHAHA

    But great answers! In the new year I’m going to go out and buy the Shatter me series and hopefully marathon them 😀

  3. NOOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO! *drowns in tags* *isn’t getting any up until January* (which means my blog will be bopping come January :p Thanks for that. HEe hee)

    WHAT?! ‘Where She Went’ is in ADAM’S perspective?! 0.0 You spoiled it… -.-

    UGH! The Maze Runner movie. Don’t /even/ get me started. -.- So angry with that.

    p.s. love your tag line. Pokemon FOR THE WIN! *totally had yellow version and started with pikachu* :p

    Man, I haven’t read half the books on this list. Guess I need to get my butt in gear and start reading. Sheesh! My tags are all going to have the same exact books. :p

    1. Mwahaha!!! I’m the TAG Queen (not really, lol)

      I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to spoil! (I had spoilers, I’m so so so sorry! I really didn’t mean to! Ugh, I hate myself)

      HAHA! Pokemon is boss. I am totally a Water Pokemon trainer. Lapras is my BABY!!!

      YES! Go read and we can fangirl together!! ^.^

      1. Oh look, Nicolette, I found you another badge to go on your vest: TAG QUEEN. :p

        Haha! It’s okay. It’s not that much of a spoiler. I think I’ll survive. (I’ll probs forget by the time I actually get around to reading the sequel anyway. :p)

        LAPRAS! Haha! Nice choice. Not my fav. I used to have some pretty awesome line-ups though. You know Pidgeot or Lugia, with Nidoqueen/Nidoking/Kangaskhan. I was ballin’ at one point. :p

        Oh man! I’m trying! I’m actually catching up on ARCs at the moment that I’ve received from Netgalley. I have like… 9 of them. >.> *cough* And then I’m reading Clash of Kings. (gotta get my GOT in. :p)

      2. I bow down to ya for reading GOT! I want to, GRRM is a total badass in my book, but those books look like beasts. that and I spoiled myself by watching the first two seasons of the show. lol.

        *Happily snatches badge* “Thank you!” ^.^

        ARCs from netgalley. Ugh…I’ve stopped and and forever staying away. I have two that I need to do for next year and a few that I should do but I’m taking my time. I’m horrible.

      3. Haha! He is such a beast! His world building, intertwined schemes, multiple character personalities. It’s all… EPIC! It’s the reason why I HAVE to read it. I’m in love with it. :p And I feel ya. Clash of Kings is 1000+ pages. I’m like… just over 100. >.>
        *plans to watch the show after the fifth book*

        Haha! I’m trying to stay away until I catch up and I feel so bad being this far behind, but they all just poured in at once and I was like 0.0 but… my other books. So, I’m trying to intersperse them. I’m hoping to get them all finished by like.. April/May? Maybe? I dunno. We’ll see. GOT is gonna take up great chunks of time. :p

      4. GRRM is def on my TBR, I stopped watching the show bc I wanted to actually read the books and stop spoiling the books for myself.

        Totally is a worthy thing though for your time to be taken up with! IMO! 😀

      5. Yas! A woman after my own heart! That’s how I feel plus I add in a husband and kids and sometimes I want to jump off something. Lol.

        I’ve been researching bullet journaling today bc I’ve been feeling a little too scatterbrained than usual. I want to do it but am a little intimidated. Lol. Have you heard of it/do you bullet journal?

      6. Agh! Grad school. I do not envy you that my dear! I considered applying early this year. And then I decided to write a book instead. I cannot multitask in that form of apps and writing so for now it’s one thing at a time for me. What programs are you going for? In genetics? Where? Lol, sorry for the 21 questions, I’m just genuinely interested 😄

        Bullet journaling a journal/planner/organization system. Theoretically all you need is a journal and a pen. I’m looking up right now how to “get started” bc I hate keeping three different types of journals to keep track of all my junk. Lol.

      7. Haha! No worries about the 21 questions. IT’s cool. (We’re totally filling your page with comments at the moment :p)
        And yes, I applied for PhD programs (9 of them) to study genetics. I’d like to teach at the collegiate level someday. (And write novels on the side :p)

        Haha! Only three? I have a different notebook for every novel series I’m working on, plus one for grad school, and another for a trip I’m planning to Japan. At least I’m not writing on my arm anymore. :p

    1. Lol, yep.
      Wait. Is B&BW not in Canada?
      If it is, you should go sniff their stuff. Seriously. Good smells in there. The hand soaps are the most practical but I love everything from that place. I ban myself from it for a reason…. ^.^

      1. HAHA! Fair enough.
        I think it’s sort of funny how it’s probably someone’s job (more like a whole team’s job) to come up with these names and kind of genius the marketing triggers they employ to grab people.

  4. We don’t have Bath and Body Works here but I’ve always wanted to buy their candles because I’ve heard that they’re amazing! And yes, Celaena and Sam forever! That ship will never sink, despite certain things happening. It’s not too late to bring Sam back, Sarah. IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

    1. AHHH!! SAM! *collapses and starts to cry all over again*

      I legit cried. My husband laughed at me for it too because I was so distraught. Ugh. I can’t….

      I love B&BW. My favorite scent of ALL TIME is Dark Kiss. It’s just absolute perfection. ^.^

  5. So going through this tag, I’ve come to conclusion that my favorite books of the year apply to most of these. SMH I promise to choose different novels, but the same authors might show up…

      1. I still haven’t finished Throne of Glass. I’m sloooooowly making my way through. I’m loving it, I’m just naturally a very slow reader and have been prioritizing CP stuff ^.^ *hint hint* HEHE

      2. It totally is a compliment! I def didn’t mean that as anything else! It means I pref to read my CPs books right now! lol! ^.^

        That’s fair, at least I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a bit slow.

      3. *Just fell out of my chair*
        *Throw ALL the happiness at you*

        The TOG world gets entirely more interesting in book 2, but I have a soft spot for book 3.

  6. Waaah Nic! I’m so late in commenting on this! But anyway, thanks for tagging me! ❤

    Gosh, I haven't read The Assasin's Blade yet but if it's the story between Sam and Celaena, I'm putting it on my TBR priorities. How does Celaena get all the good boys??!! XD

    1. Lol! No worries!

      On a sidenote: I don’t think I’ll be getting to Heir of Fire in ages. I am CPing a lot and putting books on hold to get through manuscripts. So it may not be for a WHILE until I get to HoF. I just wanted to let you know if you wanted to stop waiting for me, bc I don’t blame you, lol ^.^ I’m a slug!!!

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