How Limiting Beliefs Block Creative Flow

How Limiting Beliefs Block Creative Flow Pinterest

Limiting beliefs are savage little monsters that have the ability to bottle up creative people and prevent them from accessing the wealth of creative energy that resides within.

But really, all fantastical elements aside, limiting beliefs are those self-deprecating thoughts that every writer subjects themselves to at one point or another. These negative self-criticisms lack constructive feedback. They are destructive belief systems that hold us back and fill our minds with a “less than” mentality.

In summation, a limiting belief is anything that causes a person to put a cap on themselves and the way they perceive their own abilities.

The good news?

Every writer does this. So, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The bad news?

If you’re doing this to yourself right this second, then you’re allowing these beliefs to block your access to your own creative flow.

The human mind is incredibly powerful. Every day, people use the strength of their willpower to climb mountains, heal their own incurable diseases, lift cars, run ultra-marathons, etc. The list is practically endless with the many things that people CAN accomplish when they put their minds to it.

So can you imagine what happens when our mind fools itself into thinking that we CAN’T do something?

For creatives and writers in particular, the result is a blockage of creative energy and an inability to link up to creative flow.

It’s perfectly normal to doubt yourself, to feel insecure and to want the assurance that what you’re working so hard on will one day see the light of day. Ultimately, we all just want to know that SOMEONE will appreciate our art.

But there comes a point where we have to be comfortable enough with ourselves and the beauty of our own work to let those insecurities go.

If we continue to let our limiting beliefs weigh on us, they’ll always be circling in the back of our minds sucking up our time and energy, both of which are tools that we could be using to funnel into our current creative endeavor.

Ready for some more good news?

I thought so.

The good news is that you can fix this. You can remove the block and set yourself free from your own limiting beliefs. You can allow your creative energy to flow back through you and into your creative projects, expanding your physical energy, your passion and your personal growth.

You can do so in two steps. Granted, doing these things won’t be easy, they might take you several months to actually accomplish in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a two step process:

1. Let Go of Doubt

This is self-explanatory. But let me go a little more in depth here for a second. First, make a conscientious decision to let go of your doubt. Write a letter to it if you must. It’s not like it’s going away for good, you’re human so doubt will naturally creep back into your life, but the point of saying goodbye is that you’re acknowledging that you doubt yourself, as opposed to being in denial about it. Once you say goodbye, breathe a sigh of relief and let go of all the doubt and the other limiting beliefs you carry around with you.

Need a hand? I’ve got you covered.

You are good enough. Plain and simple.

I realize though that while it’s easy for me to say you’re good enough, it could take a complete re-wiring of self to accomplish letting go of doubt. Like I said before, it won’t go away forever, at least I haven’t experienced that kind of breath through yet. I do believe though that we can work everyday in small ways to fight against the doubt that creeps in.

Daily positive affirmations is one method that might be helpful to you. Another method could be to write down something you’re proud of about yourself or your work. Personally, I have found that ending my day in gratitude brings me peace. I write down three things I’m grateful for in my gratitude log and when I’m done, I reflect a bit more on those positive things before turning in for the night. This exercise brings me a lot of inner peace.

2. Take action.

You know that thing that’s been scaring you, that has been in the back of your mind lately and hasn’t gone away and you just can’t stop thinking about it? Or your mind keeps circling back to it? Whatever it is, a project you want to do, maybe you want to go in a new direction at work, whatever, you know what it is, that THING! Know what I’m talking about? Are you thinking about it? Yeah, good. Okay, now go do it.

Does it scare you just thinking about going out and doing this thing? Well, it should. That’s probably why you haven’t taken action on it, right? And because it scares you, that’s all the more reason why you should pursue it.

If there is a creative pursuit that has been lingering around in your head and you’ve been ignoring it, then there’s your block right there. Stop ignoring what your creative energy is trying to tell you. Listen to your intuition when it speaks. Letting go of limiting beliefs and listening to your intuition will take your creative pursuits to new heights that you’ve never seen before. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


At the end of the day, we can’t let our limiting beliefs or those of others hold us back from pursuing our passions, from talking about the things that fascinate us, from sharing our experiences and from having an opinion unique to us. We can’t allow the limiting beliefs to block us from our creativity and prevent us from being our best selves. It’s a disservice to us and to those around us who rely on our creative energies to serve them.

So while it’s normal to doubt, because we’re human and doubting ourselves will never really go away, we should have (or try to have) a proactive plan of combat for when we’re going to rag against our own amazingness. Because let’s inflate our writerly egos here for a second and give each other a pat on the back, we’re awesome.

I use an affirmation to help remind me that in life I pursue improvement through practice and that I don’t need to reach for an unattainable goal of perfection. All of that is summed up in the phrase, “Practice Not Perfection”. I don’t remember this phrase everyday and I admit that I definitely get down on myself hardcore somedays/some weeks, but it’s my contingency plan for when I forget that it’s okay to just be me, to be flawed and imperfect, that it’s okay not to WRITE ALL THE WORDS and at the end of the day it’s a reminder to be myself fiercely.

I encourage you to find your own way to fight back against your doubt monster. If you want to borrow mine please feel free to do so. However, just because this is my way, that doesn’t make it THE WAY. Always remember that you’re good enough. Don’t let the doubt monsters creep in. Tap into that creative energy you have pent up inside of you and share your amazing and incredible gifts with us! We’re dying to see what you have to offer!

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Discussion: Do you have that THING that you keep thinking about but you’re afraid to act on? After reading today’s post, are you considering doing it?

Until next time!

Keep Reading and Keep Writing,

❤ Nicolette

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