Beautiful People: On Shipping My Own Characters (Even Though I Probably Shouldn’t)


So I’m really excited today for two reasons. Knowing me, I have WAY more than two reasons. I actually have a full-blown list with ALL the reasons why I’m excited for today’s post. As my fellow list lovers know, making a list for things that excite you are crucial to life! But I will not bore you with REASONS and I have once more digressed on a wild tangent as is standard issue for me because EXCITEMENT!!

Getting back on track.

Reason one for excitement:

Today, I’m joining in at the last second of the Beautiful People meme created by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. And just in the nick of time too!! (Haha, no I won’t make another joke about my name, don’t worry!) I’m excited because I’ve never taken part in the link up before and because this month’s Valentine’s Edition questions were a lot of fun to dive into. (Okay so technically that’s already two reasons, possibly three, but who’s counting! I make the rules here! Mwahaha! *Clears throat, settles down just a fraction*)

Reason two for excitement:

I am FINALLY sharing more than pitiful snippets of my work with you and actually TALKING about this THING that I’ve been laboring over for the past year. I may or may not have a case of the crazy eyes at this moment. >.<

And now, because I think it’s important to say this, I will say WHY I’m finally coming out of my little hermit crab shell. And that’s because after last Friday when I poured my heart out to you about feeling down, there was an overwhelming and amazing and just so incredibly uplifting outpouring of responses from people across the inter-webs that I was so humbled and flattered and just grateful (so so grateful) to know that I’m not alone and through all that love and support this little penguin’s heart really felt bolstered and filled with a renewed sense of purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still feeling that doubt monster creeping in, he’s lurking around somewhere I’m sure. But today I’m not giving him/her/it the time or attention. Because today’s a day to be excited for! Because while the doubt monster may try to eat me one day, TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! Haha, wow, yeah, it’s no surprise to annnnnyone how much of a dork I am.

Anyhow, what I’ve been trying to get to and have been dancing around like a magical fairy is that I will be talking about my manuscript in a non-spoilery way, which just gives me the giggles and I’m suuuuper excited to be sharing with you these little bits of this world that I’ve created and the people in it!

So I hope you’ll enjoy today’s post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

On to the questions!

Beautiful People Valentine's Edition

1. How did they first meet?

Nix and Tristan

The main characters of Dreamweaver are Tristan and Nix. They met when they were kids. Tristan is Gifted, so his magic gives him the power to create and manipulate dreams, making him a….you guessed it, a dreamweaver.

So he was actually dreaming when he ended up in Nix’s dreamscape. At the time he was 7 and she was 5.

As Tristan got older, he thought that the randomness of ending up in Nix’s dreamscape was a sign of fate, which he took to mean that they were destined to be together.

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Well, they were kids, and they come from two kingdoms that have been at war off and on for hundreds of years. So you can imagine a young boy’s surprise at being dropped into a dream with a little girl who is clearly not from his own kingdom, who is also playing in the mud and is making a complete mess of herself and to top it all off doesn’t care that she is either.

Suffice to say, Tristan didn’t really like Nix at first because she had immediately taken to making fun of him for his foreign name and his stuffy uptight clothes. When he proceeded to berate her for behaving like an animal, namely a pig, she taught him a lesson in humility by throwing mud in his face. And thus their glowing friendship began…with fistfuls of mud and sufficient amounts of animal name-calling. So cute.

3. How long have they been a couple?

They’re not a couple. I ship them becuase who wouldn’t?!?! Lol.

Wait, that’s confusing. Let me explain.

At the point Dreamweaver begins, Nix is 17 and Tristan is 19. Their kingdoms have been actively at war for the past four years. So Nix and Tristan haven’t spoken to each other during that time. It’s safe to say that they’re not friends anymore.

When the story opens, a crucial battle against Nix’s home country, Kakure, was won six months ago. Can you guess whose been taken as a prisoner of war? Yep. You guessed it. Nix.

Nix in the Silvercell

To make her situation worse, Nix was severely wounded in that crucial battle. So after being comatose for a while, she actually wakes up with amnesia. I know, pretty sucky, right?!? So, not only does she not know who she is, she doesn’t know who Tristan is either. But, it’s not like that even matter because Tristan hates her any damn way at this point.

But do you see why I ship them?!?! Like, I can’t even help it!

They hate each other right now, but they practically grew up together. Like, of course I’m going to ship them.

4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?

So I’m going to have to answer this question and all the questions from here on out from before Nix and Tristan stopped talking four years ago and focus my responses from during  the time when they were besties.

You see, before they stopped talking, Tristan used to visit Nix in her dreams nearly every night and they’d do practically everything together. Tristan’s dreamweaver magic allows him to create anything from nothing within the dreamscape, so, together, they essentially did it all within the safety of Nix’s dreams.

I saw you in my dreams

They were really really close before Tristan suddenly wasn’t able to access Nix’s dreamscape anymore, hence why he hates her. Tristan never knew why he couldn’t access her dreams anymore and he agonized over the reason for a long time before walling himself up and vowing not to think about her again.

But before that, they would have definitely died for each other. I mean, let’s be fair, 15 year old Tristan was pretty confident that he was in love with her. A boy doesn’t visit a girl in her dreams every night from the time he’s 7 until he’s 15 and not have a massive crush on said girl. I mean, MAYBE it could be just friendship but it wasn’t ever like that for him. He always felt it was some act of fate that put him in her dream the first time.

And Nix used to argue with Tristan all the time. I mean ALL the time. She’s kind of a spitfire. So stressors like that hadn’t come between them before in the past.

The only thing that’s come between them is the reason why they no longer talk, and well, I can’t tell YOU because of spoilers…

5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)

Okay so food? Well, Tristan favors a orange spice tea that Nix can always smell lingering on him and his clothes. And Kakure is known for their chocolate and coffee so Nix’s favorite desert is actually a combo deal of the two, chocolate covered coffee beans.

Tristan likes to draw and Nix likes to stab things. <—HAHA, this one made me laugh.

Tristan is a pilot so he feels a sense of peace when he’s in the air, flying above the world. Nix is an expert fighter. She feels at peace when she’s stabbing at shit. Annnnd you think I’m kidding… >.<

Nix is 5’4” and doesn’t consider herself short at all, because let’s be real, that’s pretty average. But compared to practically everyone in Aguillon, including Aguillonian girls she IS short. Because of this, Nix is convinced that everyone from Aguillon is descended from giants.

Tristan is a bookworm and often falls asleep with a book in his hand.

6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?

 Aiden, Tristan’s best friend and his current Master of the Guard, definitely didn’t approve of Tristan’s feelings for Nix at first. Aiden is a few years older than Tristan and is like an older brother to him, so he’s a bit protective. In the beginning, his reasoning was that Tristan falling for Nix would only end in disaster because both of their kingdoms would never reconcile, which would make it impossible for them to ever be together in any capacity outside of the dreamscape. Essentially, he wanted Tristan to get real. But he also liked the way Nix made Tristan feel about himself so in no way was he wasn’t about to come between that. So while he disapproved, he didn’t want to be the one to break them apart. Besides, the way he saw it, there was no way in hell they’d ever actually meet in real life. He just assumed that one day, one or both of them would finally come to their senses and they’d both go along their separate paths. He’s got a very laissez faire policy on life at times.

7. What would be an ideal date?

IF Tristan and Nix were even a couple right now:

For Tristan, going to the library and reading his favorite books to her or having Nix sit still for long enough for him to sketch her. He’s a thinker, so he’s naturally very quiet and pensive and is happy to do quiet activities or things that require him to puzzle out and problem solve.

For Nix, doing anything physically exhausting and most importantly doing something outdoors. So a walk in the woods, a run along a beach, throwing knives into a tree, or sparring against someone (preferably with something sharp in her hands). Basically, if she can get dirty and messy and work out her frustrations with herself in some physical way then that’s what she wants to be doing, even if it is while she’s on a date. She’s a fierce competitor so she likes to compete.

To make it ideal for both of them, Tristan could pack a messenger bag of his favorite books, he could lay out a blanket in the middle of a forest and read out loud to her while she sharpens one of her knives. Or better yet, he could read her a book about an ass kicking heroine while she reenacts all the best action scenes. Yeah…I think that would be both their jams.

8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?

They’re contrasting personalities with similar souls, if that makes sense. She’s like the flame of a fire while he’s like the hail in a storm. They’re both powerful people, they’re both intimidating and together they’d make a wicked team. But when two titans go head to head against each other, sparks are bound to fly.

Tristan is intense, very passionate and has a deep sense of dedication to his kingdom.

Nix is trying to find herself and she’s carrying a lot of baggage. Some things that she carries with her after her memory loss are her stubbornness, her fearlessness and her incredible sense of loyalty.

So in many ways, they’re very similar, but they’re different enough that they used to challenge each other A LOT growing up.

9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?

Hmmm….this is kind of sad for me. Because all of their best moments are in the past. They were best friends and with Tristan’s gift, he can literally create and reconstruct anything he wants inside the dreamscape because nothing is impossible for him within that realm.

So they used to do all kinds of stuff like climb mountains, race across dunes, repel off castle walls, etc. Their imaginations were literally their only limits. However, after so many adventures, some of their best moments have been them just staring up at a star filled sky as they recount their day to the other. It’s so simple but it’s very them. As they grew up, they both felt like they had a lot of responsibility riding on them, so sometimes they just wanted someone to talk to who understood.


Their absolute worst moment was when Tristan was unable to access Nix’s dreamscape anymore, thereby terminating communication between them.

And, of course, there is the whole Tristan capturing Nix and then imprisoning her thing. I suppose that counts as well. >.<

10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?

As kids they saw themselves finally being able to meet in real life. They hoped for peace between their countries and vowed that when they had the power to do something about it they’d make it happen.

But now? They hate each other. So….yeah…about that.

Regardless of where they are NOW, I can’t help but ship these two characters. I know I probably shouldn’t considering everything, but they’re the alternating POV’s in Dreamweaver, I know their whole backstory, about how they met, how they basically grew up together in their dreams and I think it’s just adorable. But, alas, none of it matters because their countries are at war, Nix is being held as a war criminal and to top it all off she doesn’t remember any of it and she doesn’t even remember him!!!!

Oh the feels. Oh this poor penguin heart of mine! Of course I’d write a story that would put me in agony. Of course! Me torturing myself is just classic me status right there. >.<

Well, there you have it guys! My first ever Beautiful People post and my first real dive into sharing Dreamweaver with you!

I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to sharing more with you! ^.^

❤ Nicolette

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47 thoughts on “Beautiful People: On Shipping My Own Characters (Even Though I Probably Shouldn’t)

  1. Aw I’m so happy that you shared this and also so so sad. The feels. Now I ship them and all the conflict and drama between them. It hurts. (Have you ever seen Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle? Because the hurt is just like that. They were childhood besties, totally in love, and then she lost all her memories and he couldn’t tell her about their past because of reasons! Argh!) I’m sorry to hear about your low point last week. I’ve been there. So glad that you’ve got support though! The writing community can be great at times like that. And I just wanted to tell you that your story sounds amazing! I cannot wait for you to share more. Maybe a snippet next time? *pretty please* Lol. Congratulations on gaining more confidence and be proud of your work and your characters! They are absolutely adorable and I am already in love with these two enemies and the whole dreamweaver concept is just beautiful! 😀

    1. The feeeeelllsss!!! I’m sooo glad you agree! (My evil writerly plan to take over the reading world with feels is working! Lol, wow, I’m a nerd!)

      I haven’t seen this amazing sounding show but now I absolutely MUST!! *gimme gimme*

      The writing and book blogging community is just amazing. I’ve met so many people through blogging and everyone in this community is so supportive. I feel silly to have ever thought I was alone. I know I’m not now and it feels very uplifting and motivating to have so many people rooting for me.

      Aaaaahhhh! Like, klajsdfjlkasjd, (my words are jumbled messes and I’m so happy you’re excited for my story and think is sounds amazing!!!) Like that’s the biggest compliment ever!! I love the dreamweaver concept, lol, obviously (wow, I’m such a dork!!! >..< Lol!!

      Thank you so much for being an amazing human, coming here and just showering me with all this love, encouragement and positivity! *sends you hugs and cupcakes* <—I make a wickedly delicious cupcake so TRUST, you'll want this cupcake! ^.^

      1. Yes!! You’ve got me very excited about your story! (The evil master of feels! Capturing fangirls and fanboys with delicious words! A nerd among villains!) It’s quite a good show. If you ever saw Cardcaptor Sakura, it spins off from there. I love the writing/book community! So glad you’ve had positive experiences. You’re definitely not alone. *hugs* Rooting for you and wishing to know more! That makes for a good audience.
        And I’m so happy that I could make you happy! You deserve all these compliments, encouragement, love, and positivity! Keep being awesome and do tell us more about the fascinating world you’ve created. 😀 *yay hugs and cupcakes*

      2. I love talking with you Kay!!! I love this btw, Omg I want to keep this forever, I love it so much. (The evil master of feels! Capturing fangirls and fanboys with delicious words! A nerd among villains!) Like seriously, can I put that in my bio?!?! So awesome and so much cooler than I could have ever come up with on my own. Lol.” Hello I’m Nicolette, my friends tell me I’m an evil master of feels.” I love it so much!!! >.<

        I'll definitely be sharing more! I just have to figure out what exactly ^.^

      3. Yay! I’m excited to hear that. Much fun talking with you too! Lol. Yes, put that in your bio! So excited to see your new stuff, whatever it may be. 🙂

  2. What?! Nicolette, this is so cool. I’ve been off my blogging game for so long so I haven’t been interacting as much as I would like, but I hope you’re feeling better about your work now. Because from what I can see, you’re ridiculously talented and creative. 😀 I LOVE, LOVE the characters you’ve constructed, and despite only knowing them from this post, I already feel the chemistry between them.
    AH, if you ever need beta readers or just other people to look over your work, you’re ALWAYS welcome to contact me. ❤

    1. Aimal!!!!! I’ve been off my game too and I haven’t been interacting as much as I like. (hides in corner) I’ve missed you and I know exactly where you are. *sad face* I’m sorry!

      How are you!?!?! How’s school? You’re just slaying it, aren’t you!? I bet you are! ^.^

      I am feeling much better, all the support from everyone, from all of YOU, my friends has been SOO amazing and uplifting, my spirits are bright and I’m feeling motivated and just….I’m feeling like ME. Like I’m coming back. It’s a good feeling.

      Oh, Aimal! Thank you for your kind words! Ugh, you’re such an amazing person, and so smart and creative, it means soo soo much that you think I’m creative and talented, like omgIthinkIjustdied! Lol. >…<

      Thank you so much Aimal for all the love and support! I means so so much! ^.^

  3. I call my dreams in my book dream landscape – close enough to dreamscape hahaha
    And enemies-turned-lovers? I DIG IT ALREADY! The images you used to support your answers were great as well. I am swooning already! I so should have done the BP Link Up as well … totally forgot all about it the past months. I should probably write again … last time I checked, I started developing feelings for a secondary character and it was bad, because I had no clue how to give him more page time, so I just spun the story in a way so he wouldn’t appear anymore and therefore wouldn’t distract me. Sorry for that … my thoughts just went on a tangent!

    1. Yas!! I saw that when I was reading on Wattpad! I thought it was funny too! ^.^

      Omg! Yes! You dig it!?! *flails about in pure joy*

      Omg, I swoon all the time dude! Lol! You should check out my Pinterest board. Totally a major source of procrastination but ALSO suuuuuper swoon worthy!! Trust me! *winky*

      And yes!! Do the BP linky!!! I’d like, literally, die to see more of your book and your characters and just the whole world you’ve built!!! Pretty please!! Do it!!

      Awww, but secondary characters are awesome and can get more page time for book 2!! Don’t hide them!! *sad face*

      No but seriously, I actually totally get it. Like, literally, that happens to me ALL the time. I’ll be writing a chapter, and this character who’s been pretty chill and muted, but still cool, suddenly becomes BOSS and I’m like “STAHHHHHPPPP!!!!” lol >.<

      Lol, you know me, I love tangents, don't apologize!! ^.^ I love talking about writing!

      1. Of course I dig it! You fleshed them out really great and made them come to life in front of my eyes. I love to cast all my characters, however, I suck at doing that for other people’s books. I’ve been brooding over who could play the characters from Shatter Me for months now and I CANNOT FIND KENJI!
        Secondary characters are the best! I love it when they feel just as real as the MCs. Not sure if I am there yet with mine, but I am trying.

      2. Omg! I’m so happy and glad!

        And I haven’t been able to cast like annnnyome from the shatter me series. Except maybe Warner. Lol!

        I love secondary characters. Sometimes they’re the relief I need when I can’t connect to my mc and I need a break from them for a bit so I sink into one of the secondaries for a while.

        I loooove good secondaries in books too. Like Magnus Bane from the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series!!! Omg love love love him!!!

      3. I have very specific images about some, other just don’t work. Shatter Me is really difficult.
        I sometimes really dislike my MCs, it’s a pain. Oh Magnus! By far one of my all-time favourites!

  4. Loved seeing into the lives of your characters, lovely. No wonder you ship them 😉 You obviously have spent a lot of time getting to know them inside out, which makes for some seriously good chemistry within the story. And I’m *so* glad you feel better! Can’t wait to see where you take this story next 🙂

    1. B!!!! (I litearally start every communication with you with some sort of fangirling. Lol, I think I’ve just now noticed this! *shrugs bc doesn’t care, loves to fangirl over you!*)

      I have spent SOOO much time in their heads, it’s a little scary. They also take control of the story at times and I have to reign them in. (Naughty, lol.) I’m sure you know how that is with Gabriel.

      I’m excited to keep working on this story and to start getting it out there into the big world!!

      1. I happen to adore your fangirling 💜 don’t ever stop, okay? *grins* I know *exactly* what you mean. Sometimes I think we know them better than we know ourselves, but that doesn’t matter because being involved so deeply with them makes for some incredible emotional depth – and some epic story telling!

      2. ^.^ It’s been such a journey. I’ve now realized that all the drafts I trashed to get her have led me to this point, to make the story what it is and without all that I wouldn’t know my character like I do now. So despite the rocky road it’s been a worthwhile journey so far!

      3. Exactly! Although it’s such hard work trawling through all of those early drafts, it’s the only way you can create what you have now. Be proud, my lovely 💜 🙂





    Like. I can already feel the chemistry and the ANGST and the PAIN and just a;sldkfj;aslkdjf;klasdjfaksdjfask;ldfj I AM SO UPSET THAT THIS BOOK DOESN’T EXIST IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW.


    1. SIERRA!!!

      I GAVE YOU FEEEELLLLSSSS!!?!?! *dies*

      You’re like the queen of feels, I gave you feels. *starts to hyperventilate* *fans self* *begins to glow*


      Yes, so much angst. SOOOO MUCH PAIN. You feel it! It’s sooo hard to write these two sometimes. They rip at my heart and it’s so painful sometimes. But soooo good too.

      You can have this book in your hands soon if you’d like it!?! I have A LOT of work to do on it, and it will not be perfect AT ALL, but I will need help and if you’re willing, OMG I’d love your help!?!?

    1. LOL I’ve actually had this discussion with Nic and I ended up going with Trix… buuuuutttt we’ll see what the fandom decides when the book is FINALLY out there 😛

    2. HAHA!!! My CP Tristen, (lol, yes, I have a CP named Tristen, really absurdly quirky world we live in), and she’s laid claim to Trix.

      I can think of several characters who could totally get away with introducing the ship name into the narrative all snarky and sarcastic like, which to be fair is really the only way to introduce it in this pair’s case. Lol.

    1. JESSE!!! REALLY?!?! YOU LOVE IT!?! *flails around in pure happiness* *send you cupcakes and hugs you because of EXCITEMENT*

      OMG, I’m SOOO glad you like it!! I can’t wait to send it to you!! I’m getting ready and also trying to get over my fear that your gonna hate it, lol. I know it’s not going to be perfect when I send it to you and I know I just got to get over that.

      I know! Finally a glimpse into Dreamweaver!!! I want to share more, like music inspo?! IDK, thoughts?

      1. YOU SHOULD DO EVERYTHING! Anything that inpsired you to write it. Maybe even a “who I pictured when I wrote this character type thing.”


      2. HAHAHA!!! I love the excitement!!!! (gets really really amped)

        I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!! Omg, yes! I’m going to write that down. I have a WHOLE Pinterest board just overflowing with all the inspo for this book so that’ll be really easy for me! Love it! ^.^

  6. Oh Nix.. oops, I mean Nic! You are torturing us with these snippets! I love everything about dreams (OMG jumping on dreams is such a cool idea) and now that I saw a glimpse of your novel, I want to read it right away! This gives me a Time Traveller’s Wife vibes only more exciting because it’s fantasy in a deeper level.

    But seriously, when do you estimate this to be published? Because look, your fans here are dying to know! 😀

    1. HAHAH!!!! Nix and Nic!!! Lol! There’s an origin to her name but I can’t tell you bc SPOILERS! Lol. (Dry washes hands like evil villain) Muahahaha!!

      Okay, so I’m so BEYOND excited that you’re INTO THIS!!! Like, TRISHA!!! >.<

      Estimated to be published!?! Umm…..IDK to be honest. I have to query still, get an agent and then the agent has to hook me up with a publisher. I want a big publishing house so IDK how long that'll take.

      But the sheer fact that I have some fans is motivation to rewrite this thing and get it out there ASAP so you all can get your grabby hands on it!!! ^.^ ❤

  7. I loved these glimpses into Tristan and Nix! I totally get why you ship them and I’m pretty sure I do now as well, lol. This really shows how well you know your characters and even though this was basically a Q&A post about the main characters, I’m excited about reading the whole story. Can’t wait to learn more!

    1. HAHA!!! YAY!! Let the shipping begin!!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed tis and that you’re excited! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! *sends you chocolate and cupcakes* Thank you so much for being here and for the support! ^.^

  8. There was a movie with Dennis Quaid and Kate Capshaw called “Dreamscape” where as Dennis has a power like Tristian’s. I enjoyed the movie very much,thought it was exciting and fresh. I am sort of shocked that no one really took that concept and ran with it….until reading this entry about your “Dreamweaver” novel. Adding a element of magic to it really opens the doors to many paths….you can go so many places with Nix and Tristian!! Can’t wait for it to be published!

    1. Ooh!!! I soooo want to to watch this movie now! I’m going to be checking all my streaming channels for it now because (obviously, lol >.<) I love the concept of dream manipulation.

      Ahhh!! You make me smile! I'm glad your amped for this story! I got some massive rewrites done over the past couple of days and I'm feeling so good about it! I'm Ina good place! ^.^

      1. It’s a very cool film….it came out in 1984 (holy crow!!!) and the special effects will seem dated but the story,you’ll love it for sure….

      2. I’m sure I will!!! I love old-ish movies anyway, regardless of if the effects are dated. I grew up watching the original Star Wars films and I still love them. ^.^

  9. I LOVED READING THIS SO MUCH, OMG IT WAS AMAZING. ❤ And also this: “Tristan likes to draw and Nix likes to stab things” was also my favourite.😂 Basically that is perfection. And omg, your names?! I love your naming skills. THAT IS ALL. Ahem.
    (I think I might ship them too now…c’mon you two, GET TOGETHER NOW.)
    Thanks so much for joining in!! This sounds like an amazing story!

    1. #8, The clashing titans! YES!!! I’m so glad! You’ll be sharing some of your own WIP soon right!?!?!? (Warning, I’m a raving fangirl and will cheerlead WIP until I die >.< lol)

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