February Review: On Books, Writing and Life


So I know we’re already a little over a week into March and, yeah, I know that I kind of missed the February wrap up time. But you see, I didn’t get around to taking pictures of my February review until this weekend and, okay EXCUSES, anyway I’m here now.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that February was a tough month for me. However on the bright side of things, by the end of the month and in retrospect, I feel like through all of it’s ups and downs February taught me a lot.

Today, I’m going to review the books I read, the writing that got slayed and my lifely goings on (aka I’ll be giving you a peek into my bullet journal and basically sharing with you my innermost thoughts). Un poco scary? Nah… Super transparent and a bit out there?! Yeah, but that’s me and that’s what you’re here for, right?!?

February Review Pin

Books Read

Not much reading happened in February. Like, at all. *deadpans*

However, my adorable and lovey penguins (yes, I just called you a penguin, and yes, you liked it) I have every intention of remedying this problemo for the month of March. You see, I’ve already made my way to the library and like a dutiful book dragon have selected the first books I’ll be feasting on.

Yet, future amazing books to be read in March does not make up for this happening:

Voodoo Moon by June Westerfeld (audiobook)

Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi

Dismal my friends. Dismal. As amazing as these two books were, I really had high hopes for tackling my TBR. Instead, it sort of tackled me.

Posts Published

February saw me venture into writing discussion posts for the first time ever. (What’s that sound? Is it the sound of victory? Why yes, yes it is. *nods in satisfaction*)

I also introduced an original feature called “The First 250 Project” that I’ll be picking back up on in March.

Here’s what else happened:

Announcing Blog Changes + What You Can Expect from Me

Why Badass Girls Are Important To YA

The First 250 Project: Analyzing Bestsellers

How To Be A Great Critique Partner

The First 250 Project: “Divergent”How Limiting Beliefs Block Creative Flow

Lifely Update: On Writing and Feeling Blue

Beautiful People: On Shipping My Own Characters (Even Though I Probably Shouldn’t)

Lifely Review

Some, many, (all?), of you know that I bullet journal. Since I’ve been bullet journaling for almost three months now, it has literally become the cornerstone of how I keep myself organized.

As a list making fiend, it’s my best friend. As a “I need to write this down right now” kind of person, I am no longer feverishly looking for scraps of paper to write down my next book idea or my next blog post idea. As a person who’s literally in their own head like 24/7, my bullet journal keeps me sane. (Debatable, I’m sure, but let’s not get technical here.)

At the start of February, I took inspiration from blogger and bullet journal genius, Kim @ Tiny Ray of Sunshine and borrowed her “Monthly Review” concept that she uses in her  Blog and Business Bullet Journal. I knew my own review was going to be a mashup of books, writing, and life (basically a little bit of everything because I’m a little bit of everything).

This is what my February Review ended up looking like:

February Review :: Books, Writing and Life


  • Finished draft 14 of Dreamweaver
  • Personal record of 1,366 monthly views
  • Somehow, almost miraculously, survived an all time personal and creative low thanks to love and support from friends, family and the blogging community
  • Introduced the main characters in Dreamweaver to the world in blog post format and rather than spontaneously combusting (as previously feared) I came out feeling like a unicorn. So, you know, a win!


  • That I am who I say I am. That I am can be who I say I can be. That I am capable of more than I think.
  • That what doesn’t, or hasn’t, killed me will only make me stronger.
  • That I am a badass.


  • Embracing things that spark joy
  • Bullet journaling
  • Opening up to others (it’s won’t actually kill me)
  • Honesty
  • Constructive criticism (on both ends)
  • Being myself (unabashedly so)
  • Writing about writing
  • Taking a break when I need one

Doesn’t Work

  • Beating myself up (because I’m really good at it, years of experience here)
  • Chasing after new followers
  • Over extending (I am not a social media guru, and that’s okay)
  • Loose, unrealistic and downright depressing goals
  • Self hate (just stop)
  • Jealousy (another one, just enough already)
  • Comparing myself to others (because while they’re fabulous so am I)
  • Holding myself back
  • Hiding who I am
  • Silencing my voice

To Improve

  • Read more (like ALOT more)
  • Let go of pent up pain from the past
  • Learn to just breathe dammit
  • TED Talks
  • Daily affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Reaching out to my Top People regularly (because they’re awesome and I love them and I want them to know that)
  • Making real connections that last
  • Live your life
  • Embrace today
  • Embrace right now

So in retrospect, as is the way with most things in life, February had a lot to teach me. Reviewing the month helped me realize that it wasn’t a complete wash of a month and in the end, I realized I was looking forward to a new month, with new goals and new things to keep in focus.

Let’s Talk

It’s a bit late, but I want to know. What things did you learn in February? What were your accomplishments? Setbacks? What are you doing this month to improve?

Also, do you bullet journal? (Have you heard of bullet journaling?) Let’s talk about bullet journaling my list makers, I know you’re out there! ^.^

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8 thoughts on “February Review: On Books, Writing and Life

  1. Wow, sounds like you accomplished a lot of great things! 😀 I also didn’t read as much as I had hoped I would, but then again February is a short month! I finished the first draft of my WIP in February and started editing, but I’ve barely scraped the surface. So, I’m hoping to get deeper into edits by the end of this month! I keep two journals––one where I just write down brief notes about what I do every day, and one where I go into more detail. 😛 Your journal looks so pretty!

    1. Congrats on finishing the first draft of your WIP in Feb!!!! *furiously starts baking cupcakes to throw at you* That’s seriously amazing!!! *claps obnoxiously loudly and probably embarrassingly like that ONE parent at all the soccer games* So much goes into that first draft so I’m massively excited for you. And good on you for jumping right into edits, I’m the same way, but I tend to hate everything asap and toss the draft I just labored over. DONT DO THAT lol! >..<

  2. You ARE a badass! You are super duper amazeballs woman! Don’t forget, too, that you should reach out to your Top People (I’ve put myself in that list) not just to tell them they are awesome, but so they can do the same for you! You are not alone. 🙂

    Also… I’m totally going to adapt some of your blogging style. I just love how you do things! I suck at blogging! I can really learn from you! 🙂

    1. HAHA!!! June! I love you!! ^.^ I will remember your sage wisdom! Thank you *bows head at the Jedi Master*

      OMG, totally! I’m sooo glad that you like my blogging, style. Actually, if you know what my blogging style is, feel free to tell me! >..<

    1. “Keep moving along” You, know that’s basically one of my mantras. Not nearly as concise, because I think we both know how much I like to talk >..< Lol. But the good news is that the obsessive planner in me has already lined up a post AND a reading plan for Spring and the booklist is FULL OF AWESOMENESS and I'm super excited to share it on Tuesday next week. It's all YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Contemporary so IDK if either are genres you'd be interested in, but there's several new titles on the list that I'm highly anticipating along with a couple "older" (relative term here bc older as in the last year or two) titles as well. ^.^

      1. We’re looking forward to it….and I like a lot of the YA titles. It’s exciting to see young folks read a book!! I need to get back into it more myself…

      2. I hope perhaps there will be a book on my list that comes out today that’ll capture you’re interest. Plus, if you ever need some book recs, just let me know some of your interests and I could probably throw a handful of books at you in a heart beat. Lol >.< I'm a rabid reader! I do mostly read sci-fi/fantasy though, so all my recs would be in that realm. ^.^

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