Library Book Haul // Magic Happens When Tiny Monsters Photobomb Your Bookstagram

With February behind us, the first thing I did this month was go to the library, because, you know, obviously my priorities are in order and rather than vacuum the house or mop the floors I figured, BOOKS!

On a side note, the vacuuming has yet to happen. Bad Nicolette, bad! *lol* Though in all seriousness, I still could care less about the vacuuming and the mopping. That probably makes me a terrible person to the uber clean freak somewhere and I am deeply sorry to offend you, but as previously stated, my priorities are properly aligned in the realm of what book are getting read this month. (Btw, anyone else pronounce “vacuum” in their heads the way that Youtube Cat does, with a long “U” in the center, so phonetically “vacuum” sounds more like “vacoooom”? Because literally that’s what I’m doing every time I write it out and I’m immature enough to laugh each time. >.<

The purpose of my library visit was to pick up “Glass Sword” because it had quite literally been there the day before when I checked online. As are such things, when I showed up not even 12 hours later some fiend had snatched it off the shelves. (BTW, if you’re the fiend, I will find you….Lol, just kidding, I won’t…maybe *shifty eyes*)

Anyhow, since my first choice was magically stolen by a devilish leprechaun (yes, I am going to pin it one on of those guys, because obviously they’re out there) I forced myself out of my comfort zone and picked up not one but two contemporaries that were sitting on the display shelf.

Were their beautiful covers beckoning me? Yeah, sure. Did I absolutely judge these books by their covers, not read their synopsis and do I still have zero idea what they’re even about? Yeah, pretty much.

Library Haul // Books and some adorable photobombing, so of course magic happens and feels ensue!

The two fantasy books I picked up, were no brainers, I’ve been wanting to read both for a while so when I saw them sitting patiently waiting for me on the shelf I new it was destiny. (Or whatever.)


The Haul

The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin // Amazon | Goodreads

The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry // Amazon | Goodreads

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski // Amazon | Goodreads

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas // Amazon | Goodreads


As soon as I got home, I decided it was time to snap some pics for my much neglected Instagram account and lo an behold, this is what happens when two bookish monsters invade your photoshoot.

The Shenanigans

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This pic looks off for some reason….I wonder why?

A post shared by Nicolette Elzie (@nicolette.elzie) on

Everything seems normal….well normal-ish. But there’s something off, why is this pic cropped weird I wonder?

Because a little miniature book dragon is trying to pilfer A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES on the other side of the frame, that’s why!

Just when I thought, “Jee, having an assistant to help me set up my photos would be nice.” I get one…. *deadpans*

If he hadn’t been photobombing me, I wouldn’t have captured this moment! Now it is solidified forever and he will hate this until the end of time!!! Mwahahaha. Or not. I mean he is a boy. He might be like “Meh, whatevs Mom, you’re so weird.”

And then this happened and my heart melted into a sopping puddle of goo.

So yeah, little miniature humans invading bookstagram photoshoots is actually quite magical, and fun and downright adorable.

And like, I realize that maybe it’s not everyone’s thing becuase they want like super perfect shots and they want bookporn to drool over, but these kinds of pics are 100% me. This is my life and it’s my Instagram and it combines the things that I love most. And those things happen to be my little rascals and books.

So will I be letting my kids photobomb my shoots from now on? Ummm…is that even a serious question? Like, hella to the yes I will! *Pfft* Will I be allowing adorableness invade my Intsagram, that’s like asking me if I want sprinkles on my ice-cream. You always say “yes” to the sprinkles. Always. It’s like sushi. There is no “sushi or not to sushi” You ALWAYS “TO SUSHI”!!! >.< That’s some sage wisdom right there.

Let’s Talk

Have you read any of the books in my haul this month? What were your thoughts? No big spoilers, but were they like super awesome, was the writing magical, any swoony romances for me to get excited for, because just case no one has noticed I dig a triangle or two, or square, or pentagon. I dig tension people and all the angsty feels!!! >.< I’m such a sucker for those!

Speaking of which. What’s your favorite angsty, feels-filled book of all time..on the count of three you tell me like the amazing human you are! Okay? One..two..three…GO! ^.^

 *This post contains affiliate links. Basically, all that means is if you happen to be an adorable penguin, or erm human, and purchase something then I’ll get a small kickback. So thanks in advance for supporting me and the blog! Much love ^.^

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20 thoughts on “Library Book Haul // Magic Happens When Tiny Monsters Photobomb Your Bookstagram

    1. Thanks! He’s such a little button! (And a terror too!) Though he may look adorable, he also knows how to squak like a pterodactyl at me in attempt to get what he wants. It’s a rather odd but also absurdly funny! >.<

      Oh yeah, he's totally already a bookworm. We'll be playing, and suddenly he'll dump me and the pile of blocks for the bookshelf full of books in the playroom to "read" for an hour. I'm like, "you're such a jerk" and his response will be to throw a book at me. It's like he's saying "here, educate yourself!"

  1. The pictures are adorable! You had such a cute helper on set 😉
    I have only read A Court of Thorns and Roses and I loved it. I am a mad sucker for fairy-tale-retellings with a twist!

    1. The cutest helper ever and a total little dragon!! He’s so silly. All this week he’d see me reading and he’d try to take the book from me, I’d be like “Umm, excuse you, that’s mine” and he’d respond by swatting at me as if to say “You’re wrong on so many levels, here let me slap some sense into you”. >.<

      I've just started reading ACOTAR last night after finishing an epic binge of The Love that Split the World (which btw was amazing, I'll be putting together a review because I have so much to say but seriously amazing.) I'm super excited for ACOTAR, I haven't read too many retellings (The Wrath and the Dawn being the last one I think, which I also LOVED), so I'm really looking forward to all the twists and just everything in general!

      1. Oh my! CUTENESS OVERLOAD! But how dare you expect the book to be yours? Tztztz
        You’re going to write a review? Awesome!!! I’ve heard many good things about the book already, but I am still overwhelmed with what I have to read myself ahahaha.
        I adored ACOTAR. It’s a mix between Beauty & the Beast, Cinderella and the Gallant Tailor in my opinion. I hope you’ll enjoy it. I am really curious to hear what you think about it.

      2. The cuteness overload meter is always breaking in our house because too much cuteness goes down in this house!!

        Just yesterday my daughter had horded a bunch of library books onto her lap and baby Kev thought it would be good to go and steal some. Well I guess she didn’t like the way he was “handling” the books so she said very indignantly “How dare you treat these library books that way. These are nice books baby brother! You can’t do that!” And then she pushed him and then they both were told to cool it. Lol. They fight over books a lot, it’s actually really funny. >..<

        Oh that's awesome that it's a mix of the three! I know most people talk about it being a B&B retelling (which I have a WIP that's a contemp B&B retelling so I totally have a soft spot for retellings too ^.^) I'm amped to really dig into this one.

        I've heard people complain about an "abusive relationship" in ACOTAR, I guess I'll just have to see for myself. lol. BC I'm not buying it. lol.

      3. Gaaah, your kids sound beyond adorable. And I find it even more cute that they are fighting about books. You are definitely raising them right!
        I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on ACOTAR once you are through!

      4. Lol, right!?! I love that they fight over books!
        Ugh, I hate saying this. But I DNF-ed ACOTAR this morning. I tried soooo hard to get into it. But I couldn’t connect to Feyre’s logic on pretty much anything. Personally, I didn’t mesh well with her. *sad face*

      5. I ended at the part where Feyre was going to go on a hunt with Lucien. Tamlin had just offered to show her around and I just had a hard time understanding her reasoning. Why she would try to get Lucien to like her when Tamlin has been repeatedly been trying to be nice to her. Lucien suggested killing her, Tamlin defended her, despite the fact that I found Lucien to be the single hilarious character, it didn’t make sense to me that she’d seek him out as opposed to plead her own case to Tamlin. I wanted sooo desperately to connect. So much. But it just didn’t happen. 😦

      6. I guess I understand that… but you are so far away from the good parts hahahaha
        Lucien is one of my favourite characters, with Rhys, in the book. But don’t sweat it. You didn’t buy it anyway, right? You got it from the library?

      7. It happens all the time. Everyone seems to love Marie Lu’s Legend series and I just couldn’t read on. I would only be sad if I spent a lot of money on something that I don’t even want or like in the end.

      8. I feel ya, I loved the first one, was sort of disconnected from the second and have been postponing the third because there’s so many OTHER books I want to read.
        Yeah, I don’t usually buy books. I’m a library girl for sure. lol

      9. That must be nice, the library thing I mean. Libraries here don’t really have many books in English and the ones they do have are not very recent releases. I am wasting all my money on creating my personal library hahaha

      10. Ah man! I’m sorry, that’s sucks! Yeah, the library system here is a huge blessing, you’re not the first international friend of mine to remind me of how grateful I am for the libraries. But at least you’re basically Belle from B&B and have an EPIC library of your own ^.^

      11. I do think I am lucky to own so many books myself, but I am running out of space and money quickly. I am still living with my parents now, so moving out is going to be … difficult, to say the least.

  2. Lol! “Little miniature book dragon” lol! I like that. I haven’t read the books and I don’t say “vacooom” in my head but whenever I’m logging into things and I see the word “password,” I always say it in the voice of The Fat Lady that guards the Gryffindor common room hole in the Harry Potter movies and giggle at myself.

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