“Ignite Me”// An Epic Rollercoaster of Feels

Honestly, I was afraid to pick up the book that I knew would end one of the most epic trilogies I’ve ever read. Because the truth is I was afraid of a let down. I was afraid that after this massive build up, “Ignite Me” somehow wouldn’t live up to everything that I wanted it to.

Because let’s be real here, I adored, no, I LOVED, the first two books in the “Shatter Me” Series. And every part of me wanted this book to rip my heart up into tiny irreparable shards. That and I was afraid that Ignite Me would be EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, and I’d just never ever be the same again as a person, a reader or as a writer.

And I was right. I’m not the same. I’m sooo much better!!!

This book was LIFE. For two days I binged this. Literally only coming out of my reading hovel for long enough to eat sustenance and then quickly return to my den like an anxious pack rat.

I LIVED AND BREATHED this book until I finished it. It was just that amazing and full of everything that I could have asked for.

This book unraveled me. It shattered me. It destroyed me. It ignited me. (Yes, all the puns are absolutely 100% intended.) I could jump onto tables and shout on top of mountains that Tahereh Mafi is a storytelling genius and even in doing those things none of them would ever be enough to thank her for this story or this series.

Juliette is my spirit animal. She grew so much throughout the series that there was just no way I couldn’t identify with her in some way. At the start of book 1, Jules is so unsure of herself. By the end of book 3 she’s so empowered and it’s amazing to witness because that transformation is just so important, it’s so surreal to have been on that journey with her from beginning to end.

Rather than list all the things I love about this book, because I could go on and on about the transparency, the realness of the characters, the rawness of emotion, the lyrical writing, the fact that the romance is ridiculously addictive and one of my favorites ever…I’m going to share with you my non-spoilery real-time reactions to “Ignite Me”. I hope you’ll pick up the series so you can join me in my raving nest of happiness over this book and the series as a whole!

"Ignite Me" Book Review // I was afraid to read “Ignite Me” because what if it let me down, what if it wasn’t as awesome and I wanted it to be? Here are my 22 IRL reactions to the final book in the Shatter Me Series!

  1. No way!?! This suddenly just became absurdly sad. I totally did not expect that. 😭
  2. And the punches keep on coming. He’s dead!?! That’s awful. I know I hated the guy but, now, I feel like really really bad. Like, I don’t wish death on people…Okay, maybe SOME people. But still! The sadness just keeps on coming.
  3. I’m getting a heavy Tristan and Nix vibe right now…which I’m not gonna lie, I’m rather enjoying considering the fact that Tris and N are my own characters…😂
  4. Right about now, pretty glad that I wrote my own book before reading this. #Dreamweaver 😆
  5. Ugh, the hopeless romantic in me is feeling frustrated. 😈
  6. Good intentions blah blah blah…. No one cares.
  7. Okay, but seriously, just knock on the door. Just do it. If you don’t, I will. Because someone should and regardless of whether or not you’re unsure about the attraction here, I’m freaking sure about it. JUST KNOCK ON THE DAMN DOOOOOORRR!!!!
  8. I was pretty sure I had bones in my body before reading this. But now I’m a puddle on the floor. *swoon* 🙈😆
  9. 😂 OMG, he’s hilarious. Every time this guy speaks I like him more. It’s killing me that she’s so insecure about her feelings for him. But I mean, I get it, he’s a bit off his rocker sometimes, not like in the bad way, he’s just super honest and she doesn’t really know what to do with that.
  10. Just sayin’, quite literally every time this guys smiles I melt. I’m such a ridiculous fangirl. 😂
  11. “Do you never get exhausted being so wholly unbearable?” 😂😂😂😂 I’m dying. YAS!! Someone has finally told this person to just STFU and I’m all round of applausey! 👏
  12. Once again, my favorite wins mega points for letting my girl handle her shit because he knows she’s a big girl and she can take care of herself. Why? Because she don’ need nobody!! Lol. Unlike loser boy who thinks Jules needs to be coddled. Barf.
  13.  “I like the way I feel about myself when I’m with him. [He] thinks I’m strong and smart and capable and he actually values my opinion. He makes me feel like his equal-like I can accomplish just as much as he can, and more. And if I do something incredible, he’s not even surprised. He expects it.”

    Favorite line ever. This right here is #relationshipgoals. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. That…that hurt my heart. It was so sudden. I almost started to cry. How can you suddenly hate someone so much? Because that’s how I feel right now. This feels like the worst kind of betrayal.
  15. You know what? No. I don’t care. Apologies need to be made. Still not okay over here.
  16. OMG. So much beauty here. These words contain so much pain and so much beauty. My heart can’t even.
  17. Atta girl!! You go be a badass bitch Jules! You go and be you and tear this mutha** down!!!! 😈
  18. I’m so done. She said it and I just crumbled into a million pieces.
  19. It’s official. I will never be the same. That was everything.
  20. This is why I didn’t want to read this book. Because I knew it would ruin me forever. I knew I’d fall in love and never ever be able to wipe away this feeling in my heart.
  21. Why?!? Why do I do this to myself!?!
  22. It’s books and characters and love like this that makes me question whether or not I can write a love like this. And I just don’t know. I don’t even freaking know if I can, if I want to even try…. because oh god just the beauty. 😭

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16 thoughts on ““Ignite Me”// An Epic Rollercoaster of Feels

  1. Took you long enough! I have been out here for MONTHS waiting for you to get on this so that I can gush about how amazing it was! Like seriously, so many feels and Warner is just SOOOOOOOO swoon worthy, I love him. Plus Kenji is just a genius, he’s such a rad guy and your band of brothers in Dreamweaver gave me a Kenji vibe 😛 plus Mal kind of gives me a Kenji vibe in a way as well. ANYWAY, just wanted to say I loved it and now I can finally send you that pic of the fan art I mentioned.

    1. I know it took me aaaageess!!! (hides in a small black corner in shame) I’m sooo behind on all my reviews. I need to catch up desperately! UGH! lol >.< I want to catch up though, so it's like I'm putting the flame under my own butt.

      Warner….*sigh* I want to name something after him. IDK what, but I want to. (And no, I AM NOT having another child to do so. I may be a raving fangirl but EVEN I HAVE MY LIMITS!!! sort of….) No, maybe a ridiculously adorable dog or something. Lol. Give it to Audrey. Or no!! Name the dog Adam and when Audrey yells at it to do something snicker behind my hand. hehehe.
      OMG, my band of brothers in Dreamweaver!!!! .<

      1. LOL I’ve actually never named anything after my fangirl crushes, unless naming my dog Beast (after Beauty and the Beast) counts LOL but now that you mention it, it could be quite fun to do.

        I’d be so bad though, like imagine my kids one day… “Mom, why am I named Dimitri?” 😂 “We’ll you see son, there was this amazing book series…” LOL

        It could totally work though, my name is a product of fangirldom on my mom’s part, so it would be like tradition!

      2. OMG, seriously!?!?!? You’re name is from a fandom! You must tell me which one!

        Beast totally does count!! Cutie!! You should send me a pic!

        OMG, “mom, why am I named Dimitri!?” That’s the best!!!

        When we were naming baby Kevin the name Tristan came up. >.< Of course my husband was like "you would want to name our son something like that. No." So when I started writing Dreamweaver, naming Tristan was easy. I finally got to name my boy! Lol. ^.^

      3. LOL yeah there was this movie that came out in 1994 called Legends of the Fall and I’m named after Brad Pitt’s character. Middle name Nicole, after Nicole Kidman 😂 It’s no wonder I’m such a fangirl.

        Tristan is a badass name (well the Welsh version anyway) so I’m glad you finally got to use it, plus it definitely suits him I think.

        Kevin is cute though, and it’s a family name so it’s a bit more special 🙂

      4. I’m going to be looking for this movie now, you had me at Brad Pitt… >.<

        Tristan IS A BADASS NAME!! Says my BFF for life *cough* who is named Tristen with and E…. *cheesy smile*

        And baby Kev totally chose his own name. We didn't know what to name him. He was born and I asked him. He seemed to like it and that was that. ^.^

  2. I binge read this series and it has given me a biggest book hangover ever. Seriously, it was so good and I just wished there’s a spin-off of this series with kenji. Anyway, if you loved this book then you must check out Switch
    by Janelle Stalder. It ‘s a new-adult dystopian series and definitely a great treat after reading Shatter Me trilogy. 😀

    1. This book totally gave me a book hangover as well!! Not nearly as bad as the one I had from reading Red Rising last year though, that one was BAAADD, I loved RR so much that I just couldn’t pick up another book without thinking, “ITS NOT THE SAAAAME!!!” lol.

      NA dystopian? I’m a bit wary only because I’m not a huge fan of too much sex in books and recently a lot of the NA I’ve picked up is like “boom three pages in and there’s sex”. Is Switch balanced with having a good plot and sex not overshadowing it? Bc I’m not opposed to sex at all, I just don’t like it being the main focus, you know?

      1. Trust me, Sex isn’t the main focus of this book and I also hate books focused more on them. This book has a gripping plot along with a great forbidden romance. 😀

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