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Today I’m talking about the music behind Dreamweaver, in particular, the tunes that fuel the hopeless romantic in me and help me tap into all the angsty feels I need when working on a particular scene. Because, although Dreamweaver is a YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy, beneath all the actiony goodness lies a love story as well.

iTunes Screenshot :: Dreamweaver Playlists

As you can see from the above screenshot, I love playlists. I have a bunch and I’m a silly goose because I have so many ^.^. However, I am most proud of my Dreamweaver playlists as they are the product of several months of compilation.

I have four playlists that help me write Dreamweaver. One for each of my main characters and one that pulls together all the love songs into one list. Nix and Tristan you’ve already been introduced to. If you need a refresher of who they are, quick, jump on over to Beautiful People: On Shipping My Own Characters (Even Though I Probably Shouldn’t), I’ll be here patiently waiting. 😀

Okay, you’re back! Or you never left because you remember that Tristan is the prince and Nix is the escaped prisoner, and they were besties growing up but now they hate each other, right? Right.

As you also see, there is one character above who has a playlist but I haven’t introduced said character to you yet. For the time being Malachi will remain a marvelous mystery of awesomeness until I partake in the Beautiful People Meme again this month. For now, just rest assured that he’s a boss and he’s epic. That is all.

Reader BEWARE, this ridiculous and very silly writer is feeling particularly evil and whilst dry washing hands in preparation for taking over the world with epic feels, she is also going to be very teasy in this post >.< ….. You’ve been duly warned!

I could tell you which songs belong to which character. I really could. And, you know, I did really think about it long and hard until I realized where would the fun be if I spoiled everything for you.

So, my early readers, you get to guess which song belongs to who (have fun *winky*) and my readers-to-be, get excited for the massive amount of feels coming your way.

Side note: my actual playlist is 45 songs deep. So this is just a sampling because I didn’t want to make edits for 45 songs! lol >.<

Dreamweaver // Love Songs

1. Never Forget You ft. MNEK – Zara Larsson


2. Death of A Bachelor – Panic! at the Disco


3. We Don’t Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez – Charlie Puth


4. 6. Little Do You Know – Alex & Sierra





5. Ghost – Halsey


6. Runaway (U & I) – Galantis


7. It’s Not Over – Daughtry


8. Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy



9. Talk Me Down – Troye Sivan


10. Dangerously – Charlie Puth




Let’s Talk

Gah!!! So?!?! What do you think!?! You likey?! Any songs you think I might like that are similar to the ones above? Tell me!

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10 thoughts on “Beyond the Pages: Music I Write To

  1. OMG OMG. LOVE this! Like soooo excited to get this peek into your playlist and I had ideas for which songs were for who 😛 but obviously that was just guessing… and OMG the Troye Sivan song just slayed me, I love him and used to watch his videos back when he was just a Youtuber and South African celeb LOL. He acted in movies based on this South African book series called Spud and he’s awesome!

    1. HAHA!!! I’m soooo glad that you liked it!! I bet you have guesses, email me!! I’ll totally tell you! ;-P

      OMG, Troye slays me too!! His song YOUTH is my jam!!!! I’m in love!!!

  2. I just noticed your header, and it’s SO PRETTY.
    Okay, more relevant to the post: you have great taste in music. XD I didn’t know people knew A Fine Frenzy existed. I also very recently got into P!atD and can I just say that I’ve been missing out in life, and it feels so good to have discovered them. XD

    1. Ahh!!! Thank you so much for liking my header!!! 😍😍 Thanks for liking my music! It’s so vital to my writing and setting the tone for me, so getting a set list was sooo key to getting into this book. And omg Panic and the Disco has been my lifeeeee!!! Ever since they came on the scene I’ve been obsessed so I’m sooooo glad you’ve discovered them!! I love all their music. Well, actually I do have my fav albums 😆 And I’m loving their new stuff that came out last year!

    1. I do like film score music! Especially films like Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. 😂 Lol. I also listen to Lindsey Sterling, the violinist, for when I don’t want vocals and when I’m writing battle scenes. Thanks for liking the idea! 😊

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your playlist! All these great songs definitely make me want to read your book. I’ve been debating on how to divide up the playlist I have for my WIP. Characters make sense. Then again, I’m thinking maybe having a playlist for each emotion, the way Marie Lu does it.

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