Parallel Dimensions, Fate and a Love Triangle, So Basically My Favorite Kind of Romance // “A Thousand Pieces of You”


Parallel Dimensions, Fate and a Love Triangle, So Basically My Favorite Kind of Romance

I really enjoyed this book. As usual, I went into this one rather blind after putting it on my TBR a while ago and having forgotten what the premise was. So, to be honest, aside from some dimension hoping, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting into. However, after reading the blurb, I was quickly  upset because it was very spoilery to me and when it comes to spoilers, for me, even the tiniest of them are like the bane of everything! >.<

So because I hate being spoiled, and because I assume you do too, I’m going to summarize the book for you in my own totally epic way. Yeah, you’re welcome.

So basically, Marguerite is the daughter of two physicists who’ve developed a device that allows travel between parallel dimensions. Super cool right?!? Anyway, the problem is that one of the research assistants who helped her parents build this device has not only stolen the device but is now suspected of having something to do with her father’s death. (Oh… so sad.) Marguerite will stop at nothing to get revenge for her father’s death, including hop through parallel dimensions to go after her father’s killer. But what she sees on the other side isn’t all she thought it would be. *Cue suspenseful music*

(*Nods head in approval* See?! I’m rather good as those synopsis things.)

As a whole, I really did enjoy this book. But I did have some issues with it as I read.


Not A Fan Of

I did not enjoy the objectification of the love interest. I thought that bringing up his physicality once or twice was fine, but to constantly harp on it (at least it felt that way to me) felt very over the top and it was just too much. Like, okay, we get it, he has big hands, he fills door frames, he probably has big feet, can we move on already? It was a minor thing and really not something to mark against the book, but I totally did roll my eyes and sigh heavily in my little reading nook asking, “Really, again with this shit?” There is nothing wrong with having a male character that is massive, that is physically in shape and if you want to ogle him every now and then, well that’s okay, I guess. But, please don’t force me to do it WITH you frequently. Let’s have a little bit of class here, okay? There’s no need to be jumping on people’s faces here. Cool your guns.

I did not enjoy the concept that the love interest is perfect. Perfect body. Perfect mind. Perfect everything. To be perfectly fair (haha, see what I did there?) the love interest is actualy not at all what I’d peg as a Gary Stu, just give him a moment to grow on you and he will, I promise, or rather I hope because I really do like him. But at the beginning of the book, I felt he was painted to be almost too perfect. On top of the seemingly never ending list of amazingness of this guy, he also could cook. I think that’s what really got me. Now, I’m not going to say that guys can’t cook, because I think they can and should. Let’s be clear here, EVERYONE should freaking know how to cook. So I’m not putting anyone into a box and labeling it. But I’m not going to lie, it really did grate on my nerves when this guy was whipping up a lasagna. I think I had also just finished another book where the guy cooked and I was probably just feeling a bit stabby, so again, this is more a “me not you” kind of thing. Let me revise: Guys cooking is awesome. Let’s have more of this going on. Everyone cooking! Yay! But perfect guys who can do everything, who can do no wrong and have perfect abs and are super human smart… oh, yeah and are dark and broody and fill door frames with their massive body and their massive hands dwarf yours… you know what, at some point I’m gonna get sick of reading it and barf.

I also did not enjoy the constant flashbacking at the very beginning. It made the narrative feel very disjointed and it was difficult to follow. I had to keep going back and rereading passages to make sure that we had indeed leaped back in the timeline and that Marguerite was flash backing. Then I had to reread the flashback to make sure I didn’t miss anything and to make sure I was tracking with when we connected back to the present. This is most likely a problem with me and not the book but it wasn’t my favorite thing to go through and it definitely slowed down as the book progressed, where there were less flashback and a more cohesive narrative established itself, but at the beginning it was a bit jarring.


Things I Loved!

I adored that the relationship this girl had with her parents. It’s so clear that she has a healthy and loving relationship with them; that they accept her for who she is and encourage her differences from them rather than try to mold her into the person they want her to become, or rather into themselves. There is so much love between the pages of this book in the sense of family and friendship and yes, even romantic love, and there is this overwhelming sense of devotion to family that I couldn’t help but be swept up by it.

I adored that Marguerite is an artist. Her perception of the world comes from the mind of someone who views the world in colors and paint swatches. This perspective is very beautiful and captivating because it literally colors every aspect of who she is.

“Now I know grief is a whetstone. It sharpens all your love, all your happiest memories, into blades that tear you apart from within.”

I adored that Marguerite is transparent and openly talks about her feelings and what she is going through, even when it’s not pretty, even when she’s confused, even when she’s feeling ragey and revengy and even when her heart is heavy with uncontainable grief. She was very easy for me to relate to, not because I totally understand her, but because I could empathize with her and because I wanted her to win in the end. I rooted for her and winced with things happened, clapped when other things happened and cried when others did too. I was there with her and it was such an emotional journey to be on with her.

I adored the plot twists that I didn’t anticipate. Usually, I can call when something is going to happen. Not because a book is super easy to predict, but because I’m always speculating and trying to figure out the ending as I’m reading, trying to pick up on the tiniest of hints because some weird part of me hates surprises and likes riddling shit out. Anyway, I totally didn’t call some of the twists in this book and I LOVED that.

I adored the romance. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not spoiling anything.

I adored the concept of fate. That within all of these other dimensions there is a certain set of people you are destined to be with, friends and family members who are meant to be a part of your life. This concept speaks to the hopeless romantic in me and really dug it’s claws into my heart. I loved the importance of relationships this book highlights, that every connection we make is valuable and impactful though we may not know it or see how it has a domino effect on our life.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, am definitely going to be reading the sequel and am highly anticipating the third book in the series set to release in November of this year!

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19 thoughts on “Parallel Dimensions, Fate and a Love Triangle, So Basically My Favorite Kind of Romance // “A Thousand Pieces of You”

  1. I am glad you think it’s a fairly decent read 🙂 I liked the book, but was a bit disappointed, because I had read the blurb and it was nothing like that at all. I expected an epic revenge story, but that girl gives up on all the revengy stuff in the first parallel dimension.
    My favourite part was probably the Russiaverse, but I can’t remember too much in detail after having read the second book. I don’t want to say anything about that one, just that it is faster paced and more actiony and that Theo has grown on me SO MUCH! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the rest of the series once you get to it!

    1. I really did enjoy it and also was not a fan of the blurp, lol. It’s so funny the things we pick up on. I knew from the blurb that she was so going to give up on her revenge streak like ASAP just because of all the kissy-face overtones of the blurb itself. So I didn’t like being spoiled on the romance part. Lol, but I’m silly because then what would the blurb have even said?!?! Right!? Lol.

      I really am amped for the rest of the series too, just knocking out some other books first but the sequel is totally on another list (I live for lists) that I will be tackling soon!

  2. What a fabulous, in-depth review!! You hit on so many important aspects, both positive and negative. I love a good parallel dimension story but am pretty burned out on romances, so I’m not sure if I’ll pick this one up or not. Alright, maybe I will. Still deciding, ha. There are so many good books to read and so little time to do it in that I feel I have to choose wisely. As I writing, working mom I’m sure you can relate.

    1. Eve! Thanks for liking and appreciating the balance! I really wanted to convey both sides, so I’m glad you picked up on that. And it really was an enjoyable read. I still recommend it.

      There ARE so many good books! YES, I can totally relate. That’s why I’m so quick to DNF books. Like I’ll usually give it up to the first 100 pages and if the book still hasn’t gotten any better I give up on it, figuring I’m not missing out on anything. You’re so right, between writing and being a working mom, I do have to be picky. I’m picky anyhow though. Lol >.<

  3. *Reads ragey comments about Nic not wanting to hear how hot the guy is* *glances at open document of WIP* *gulps*

    LOL I liked your review though and I’ll have to think about putting it on my TBR for sure, after Red Rising though 😛

    1. *cries and then dies of laughter overload*

      LOL, I really would reccomend it. I truly did enjoy this book, it was totally a good read. I’m being a lot more stingy with my ratings now because I realized that if I’m not everything would be five star and then how on earth would I distinguish the REAL five stars from the “you were good but not THAT good”. Red Rising is totally a fully deserved and earned five star. For me, the 5 star realm has to be a book that made an impact on me. If I start writing because a book has inspired me then that means it was really really freaking good and hence the 5 star. A great book minus that feeling is a 4 star and then a good read with some ragey moments occasionally is typically a 3 star. So yeah. Lol.

      And don’t feel bad about the hot guy. Richelle Mead does it perfectly for Dmitri. There is such thing as balance and no overkill. I felt bad for the love interest at times because I was like “jeez, just jump his gun already.” Lol.

      1. LOL I will put it on my list, but like you I’ve been very stingy lately and reading is just already been pushed so far down the list that I’m not going to still waste what reading time I do give myself on a 3 star LOL

        I have Red Rising and Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) on my immediate list that I’ll get to soonest LOL

        AH yeah Dimitri……. *SWOONS* Richelle wrote him perfectly and if I could have any guy from any book it would be him. Dimka is my guy, my book boyfriend so to speak LOL.

        I’ll be littering your inbox soon with WIP draft 1 shit, just a heads up LMAO

      2. Lol, that’s fair, we’re both picky and we should be. We have a lot on our plates!

        RED RISING IS LIFE!!! lol ❤

        I'm loving VA. I'm seeing Richelle's influence on your writing for sure. It's so epic, I love it!

        YAY for WIP draft 1!!!!!

      3. True but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to read ALL THE THINGS 😛

        It’s not a conscious thing but she’s definitely influenced my writing, a lot of how I can see Tahereh’s influence in yours sometimes.


  4. Love this review, Nicolette! I loved this book, but can DEFINITELY agree with your criticisms. If you are willing, Ten Thousand Skies Above You explores identity and who we *truly* are REALLY well. I also gives the story and characters more depth.

    The romance though – AHHHHHHH. (That’s all I’ll say too, hehehe.)

    1. Oh I’m definitely reading the sequels!! I did enjoy it, but I have to distinguish four star reads from 3 star reads somehow, because otherwise everything will be given 5 stars and then a month later I’ll be like “umm, wait, I didn’t even like that book that much”, which shouldn’t happen.

      I loved the romance! Agh, the romance deserves an email…. Lol.

    1. The romance is definitely very swoon worthy. It broke my heart in many ways. I am definitely continuing the series for many reasons, the romance being one of them. I’m such a hopeless romantic, lol.

  5. I thought the same things about the flashbacks! I was so confused cause I listened to this on audiobook and I kept feeling like I missed big chunks and I just felt lost.

    1. I totally understand that!! I can imagine how the audio wouldn’t have distinguished the flashbacks that well/at all because the book certainly didn’t either! >.< Lol. Overall, I liked the story and ending up getting hooked on the concept and like the characters, so at this point I'm invested. But I definitely think with all the dimension hopping this is one of those books that has to be in text in case of confusions. Because, for sure, I was reading back to check I didn't miss something.

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