Lifely Update: I have an agent!


I’ve been sitting on some big news for a few weeks now. I’ve shared my news with only a few people and even then, I haven’t handed over a lot of details.

Even now, a part of me feels hesitant to share my news. Perhaps it’s out of some nonsensical fear that if I do tell the world then the good things that have happened will somehow reverse themselves. The alternative is that I’ve been dreaming this whole time and that by sharing I’ll actually wake up to find that it’s still 2017.

Like I said, nonsensical.

Either way here goes.

I’ve been working on my novel since March of 2015. So almost three years. I am happy to announce that I am now represented by June Westerfield of Westerfield Literary! June is a veteran of the publishing industry and has been working her tail off to get my manuscript in front of the best in the biz. Which leads me to my next nugget of news.

My novel is out on submission to publishers! This is just fancy schmancy industry lingo that means my novel is out in the world and being seen by people who have the power to make my lifelong dream of publication come true.

The best part of it all is that we’ve already received some requests to see the full manuscript.

The last piece of my news is that “Dreamweaver” has undergone a title change and has become PRINCE OF DREAMS. “Prince of Dreams” is the first in a planned series of four books with the series title being “Court of Dreams”.

So there you have it! My big news that I literally cannot keep to myself any longer. If you’d like to know more about “Prince of Dreams” see below for the synopsis.

PRINCE OF DREAMS is a 101,000 word YA science fantasy told in a dual point of view about two teens who stand on opposing sides of a five-hundred-year-old war between magic and technology. 

In the Imperio Rojado, ownership of technology is punishable by death and anyone born without magic is sent to a Rojano slave camp. Aguillon is the last free kingdom and is just as rife with airships and holograms as it is with unGifted, making it next on the Imperio’s agenda.

Nix Saldanha is a walking weapon honed by the Imperio. After surviving a fatal wound to the head, Nix suffers from amnesia. However, that doesn’t stop the bloody and twisted memories of her time with the Imperio from haunting her dreams at night. All she wants is freedom, and though not everything about her past is what it seems, she’d like nothing more than to run from it.

Tristan Emrhyss is a Dreamweaver with the power to inject himself and control the dreams of others. Caught in the middle of a war, there’s almost nothing he won’t do to protect his kingdom from tyranny. When Nix escapes, Tristan is forced to weave himself into the fabric of Nix’s dreams, sewing together the threads of her forgotten past in the hopes that she’ll remember who she once was. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love with her. 

If Tristan can return her memories, Nix will have a choice to make. She can either spend the rest of her life running from those that would use her deadly skills for their own gain, or she can choose to stand for something that’s bigger than herself. She’ll have to decide what is more important, her own freedom or the lives of innocents whose only crime was being born without magic.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, your pep talks and tangential conversations that helped take my mind off the pressure I was putting on myself. You know who you are and there really are many of you. So if you’re reading this, then you’re likely one of these very special people, and I thank YOU!

Keep Reading and Keep Writing,


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16 thoughts on “Lifely Update: I have an agent!

  1. AAAAAAAH! BEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER!!! I am so happy you shared the news with the world and I need someone to publish that book, because I want to be able to point at it in bookstores and scream “I KNOW HER!”. This is so amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, I really like the name change! I didn't mind Dreamweaver whatsoever, but Court of Dreams already sounds … well, dreamy!

    1. YES!!! A million trillion thank yous!! I want you to be able to do that too!! And to go on a book tour and get to meet you! That would be soo awesome ^.^

      I’m so glad you like the name change! I’m really excited for the Court of Dreams series and for where PRINCE OF DREAMS will find its bookish home!

    1. Aw!! Thank you, Raven. Tbh, a little piece of me died when I needed to change the title but thankfully I got over it and came up with a new one that I love even more! I’m glad you like it too!

  2. Oh oh I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Congratulations!!! And being on submission is thrilling and terrifying all at once so I hope it goes really fast and someone picks up your amazing sounding book super soon.😍😍

    1. 😍😭😍😭 Ahh!! Thank you so much Cait!! It is such a terrifying experience, yes. Bc I know who has it in their hands at this very moment and I’m just sitting here quietly freaking out, pacing the living room, trying to write other things, but checking my messages and email and all the things constantly!!

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