3 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs that will Transform your Business

3 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

There is a lot that social media practitioners can learn from looking at the success of other businesses and following their model. Today we will look at Weixin, a successful social networking app, and pull 3 strategies this app and its creators have successfully deployed to market to their audience, engage with their audience and retain their users.


Weixin is a Chinese social networking app with over 300 million users. Weixin’s interface is unique in that it rolls up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, eBay, and Uber/Lift into one comprehensive and easy to use platform. There is literally no reason for users to ever leave the Weixin interface. Recently, the creators of Weixin have expanded outside of mainland China and created an international platform called WeChat that has similar capabilities as Weixin.


Know your audience

        One of the first things social media marketers need to know to launch a successful marketing campaign is to know their audience’s taste, interests, and motivations for using their products or services.


For Weixin, they first needed to know who their audience was and what their audience wanted. To do this, they started trying out new capabilities and adding in new functionalities to the platform.


For example, in the earlier stages of the Weixin platform when it only included the ability to send photos, messages, and purchase products, Weixin wanted to test out the ability to find and book a cab nearby. Users enjoyed the added functionality, and it was rolled into the interface permanently.


As Weixin continued to grow, more functionalities were tested. Weixin listened to their users as to whether or not the new capabilities were successful. If users enjoyed the new features, then those were rolled into the platform as well. All of these additional functionalities contribute the “all in one” app feeling that the creators realized users wanted out of their product.


As the creators learned that users desired an “all in one” product, they understood what long term benefit they were bringing to their customers. Rather than users having to use multiple apps to shop, send photos, messages, book cabs, book a hotel, play a game to pass the time and send money to a friend—Weixin could do all of that in one interface, and users enjoyed that benefit immensely.


As a social media practitioner, it can be helpful to understand the demographics and psychographics of your audience if you’re struggling to know and understand who is coming to your brand and why.


Another critical factor in knowing your audience is to understand where your audience is going to be on social. Once you’ve done your research on who your target market it, research where the majority of your target audience participates on social media.


Is your target market predominately young women interested in book recommendations? Then Instagram is your best bet, and the time you’ve toiled away on Facebook is for naught. The market is ever-shifting, though, so be sure to do your research for the current trends for each platform and adjust your plan accordingly.


Know Your Audience’s Needs, tastes, and interests


As a social media practitioner, you have to understand your audience and their needs for coming to you. You want to be a source for them that is useful and beneficial to them in the long term that keeps them coming back to you.


Since you’ve already done you’re research and know your audience, you’re on the right platform, you know which platform your audience is on– it’s time to craft your message.


The key here is to keep your message simple and to make sure that what you’re posting is the type of content that your audience wants to see.


Imagine yourself in your audience’s shoes and post the kind of content that you’d want from your brand. Active and engaging content that excites you and calls you to action. Content that is on brand and has personality. Most importantly of all, post content that is consistent with the brand’s narrative.


For example, if your brand is a book review blog, it’s reasonable to expect that your audience expects to learn about new book releases, book reviews, and news in the book industry. However, if your social media is full of funny cat videos, that type of content is unexpected, and your audience is not looking for that.


You want your audience to know without a shadow of a doubt their “what’s in it for me?”. The user must be able to look to you as a source that can be beneficial to them in the long run. Deliver your brand’s promised message in your social media for an effective marketing campaign.  


Make your brand a part of your audience’s daily life


Weixin also learned that their primary demographics were young, urban smartphone users and that they were people who wanted that “all in one” experience. Their success lay in tailoring their message to individuals who wished for one app for everything, rather than trying to convince the masses of the benefit.


Weixin was not afraid to try out new functionalities on their platform to see how their audience reacted to it. To this day, Weixin continues to innovate and add new capabilities to their interface to see how it adds value to their young customers’ lives to reduce the amount of time they spend going elsewhere.


Weixin has been successful in making their social network a part of their user’s everyday life. For many of their users, their product is ingrained in their daily routine, and they spend hours on Weixin.


As a social media practitioner, it is your job to encourage a similar automatic usage of your social media messages. Your customers should be returning to your brand and your social platforms for tips and tricks because of the added value you bring to their daily lives. 


Your goal is to stay on the front of your ’audience’s mind. You want to be the first product or service your audience thinks about or recommends to a friend when the time comes.


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What are your favorite brands/products? Have you noticed their tailored messaging meant just for you? Comment below and let’s talk about it!

One thought on “3 Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs that will Transform your Business

  1. Your blog was full of helpful tips for those who may be starting a business. Today, a successful business uses social media to help promote it’s brand and communicate with it’s customers. What Weixin was able to do with social media truly changed the game. Making a one stop shop for social media makes things easier for the user. Awesome blog Nicollete!

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