A New Endeavor

I know it’s been a very long time since I last wrote for this blog and I promise to offer a semi-coherent explanation for that soon; however, right now, I’d like to talk about a new endeavor that I’m embarking on.

First, some good news. In July 2021 my poetry novella, Babydoll, was published by an indie publisher. It ranked well during the first week of its release and hit the top 5 on Amazon’s bestselling books about death. However, as is to be expected with books in general, especially those that don’t have the financial backing of the large publishing houses, Babydoll sank into the obscurity of the ether.

To be honest, I’m not too sad about that last part. It was a huge accomplishment and a lifelong dream achieved. I don’t write for the monetary gain of it, though when I first started writing it was my pipe dream to write the next Harry Potter. Still, I’m happy with what I did with Babydoll, how it performed, and mostly how the whole process made me feel: excited.

Over the past several months, I’ve been struggling to write something new. Anything new. I tried to write some poems but they felt lifeless. I started a new novel but quickly lost steam for it. I tried to edit my fantasy novel, A Daughter of Blood and Embers until I decided that I needed to stop tinkering with it and get some professional help instead. All the while, I’ve had this desire to write but felt zero motivation to do so.

This is where my new endeavor comes in. It’s more of an experiment really. To try out different and alternative publishing models. I’m not looking to monetize my writing at the moment. I have an amazing job that I love and I make a comfortable living with it. So the goal for this experiment is to get me to write more, to share my work as I make it, and to receive feedback as I go. I’m unable to be objective about my own work and I don’t want to continue torturing myself with full re-writes without feedback from readers.

The shape of my little experiment comes in the form of a Substack Newsletter. I’ll be writing a new novel in real-time and posting what I write each day. Readers are welcome to comment and share as the newsletter is completely free and will continue to be free for the foreseeable future. My goal here isn’t to make money right now, it’s to reach the widest audience possible who enjoys my work.

If you’d like to check out what I’m doing on Substack, consider subscribing here. Chapters One and Two are live and Chapter Three will post tomorrow morning at midnight.

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