Nicolette Elzie | Fantasy With Fire


Nicolette is an international selling author known for her grimdark poetry book Babydoll. Her stories range from folklore to dark fantasy, but the root of all her novels is fierce love. When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a good book, spending time with her family, or exploring the National Capital.

Nicolette’s latest project is a dark fantasy novel inspired by Latin-American folklore. She’s been researching ancient myths and legends for years and is excited to bring something new and fresh to the genre. With her trademark style of lyrical prose and evocative descriptions, she’s sure to create a spellbinding tale that will keep readers glued to the page.

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A Curse of Tooth and Claw reimagines the Mexican folktale The Bear Prince. Quirera (Kiki) Xochicale is a Slayer in the Demoncorps of Ozero. She patrols the border along the perilous Cicatrix, a mass of darkness that separates the kingdom. It’s her job to ensure the demons that crawl out don’t make it past her.

When Kiki’s best friend, Yarixa, goes missing, everyone assumes she’s either deserted or been eaten by a demon. After all, Slayers go missing all the time. But Kiki refuses to believe it. Instead, she follows a trail of clues that lead her into the heart of the Cicatrix. What she finds is beyond anything she could ever have imagined.

The Cicatrix is home to the demons that roam the shadows, but it’s also home to all the people who were swallowed up by it fifteen years ago, including the lost monarchs of Ozero who’ve been cursed to walk the day as demon bears and spend their nights as humans. With the help of her fellow Slayers and a group of cursed boys, Kiki sets off on a mission to save her friend from an ancient prophecy that could free Ozero from its curse. Kiki will do whatever it takes to save her friend, even if that means offering herself to the prophecy. 

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