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Nix Zaldanna is a soldier rotting in an enemy prison for a failed assassination on the King of Aguatitlan. Even if she escapes, she can never go home again. Mother would flay her alive for the disgrace of failure. After six months of torture, a group of mercenaries is hired to free her and remove her from the political playing board, but Mother isn’t done with Nix just yet. In this epic high fantasy where A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES meets CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONES, DAUGHTER OF BLOOD AND EMBERS is a raw and gritty fantasy about a young woman determined to prove her worth and find her place in the world.

WIP: The Witch’s Undead Boyfriend

When the world’s worst witch accidentally kills her boyfriend, she thinks all is well again when he mysteriously comes back to life the next day. If only things were that simple in this CINDERELLA gender bender meets PRACTICAL MAGIC.

WIP: Fallen (A Malakai Novel)

SHANNARA meets LADY MIDNIGHT in this origin-story of fan favorite, Malakai, from the DAUGHTER OF BLOOD AND EMBER series.

When Malakai, an impulsive and perpetual mischief maker, gets himself and his best friends kicked out of the elite Guardian Academy, he convinces them that capturing the demon that’s causing the strange string of deaths within the capital of Rojas will shorten their arid exile. The trio don’t count on getting caught in something much bigger and more sinister than they could have ever imagined.