A Curse of Tooth and Claw

YA/NA Fantasy Romance

Forthcoming February 7, 2023

Kiki Xochicale is a Slayer patrolling the demon-infested Cicatrix that separates the kingdom of Ozero from demonic threats. Her friend, Yarixa, goes missing, and Kiki will do anything to get her back. With the help of her fellow Slayers and a group of cursed boys, Kiki fights to save Yarixa and Ozero.



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Babydoll is a beauty queen with a dark secret: she’s lost the will to live. Scared of her own thoughts, Babydoll embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Depression and suicide ideation will stop at nothing until they destroy her. Her very life is on the line—and Babydoll will have to claw her way out of the darkness if she wants to live.